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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-12-10MX51: Add video supportStefano Babic
2010-12-10MX51: Add IPU driver for video supportStefano Babic
2010-12-07ENGR00134220-1 NAND: fix up the chip select handlingJason Liu
2010-12-03NAND: Update to support 64 bit device sizeSandeep Paulraj
2010-12-01ENGR00133579 Uboot ESDHCv3 Remove workaround for DLLAnish Trivedi
2010-11-26ENGR00134098-2 MX53: Add fastboot support for android.Sammy He
2010-11-26ENGR00134098-1 MX51: Update fastboot usb init seqSammy He
2010-11-18ENGR00133124: Add nand support for mx50 rdpTerry Lv
2010-11-19ENGR00133551-2 Add fastboot driver support for android.Sammy He
2010-11-18ENGR00133551-1 Add freescale usb udc support for i.mx51 platform.Sammy He
2010-11-16ENGR00133756:UBOOT:NAND:Remove the 2G limitation from NAND driverJason Liu
2010-11-04ENGR00133049 Support nand flash for MX28Frank Li
2010-10-26ENGR00132965 add MT29F16G08ABACA NAND descriptionLily Zhang
2010-10-18ENGR00132727 NAND: remove REG_NFC_ONE_CYCLE callingLily Zhang
2010-10-17ENGR00132617 MX53: add NAND supportLily Zhang
2010-09-28ENGR00132014: nand read and write page may fail in some pagesTerry Lv
2010-09-20ENGR00131578: Add android recovery mode support for mx53Terry Lv
2010-09-19ENGR00127167: Add gpmi nfc and apbh dma support for mx50.Terry Lv
2010-09-10ENGR00127368 UBOOT: Make the android recovery code common for platformsrel_imx_2.6.31_10.09.00Xinyu Chen
2010-08-11ENGR00126079: Add clk command support for mx51Terry Lv
2010-08-04ENGR00125237: Fix incorrect copyright info.Terry Lv
2010-08-03ENGR00125324: Add splash screen code and support for epdcrel-imx-2.6.31-10.08.01rel-imx-2.6.31-10.08.00Terry Lv
2010-07-20ENGR00125036 Uboot Add eMMC 4.4 supportAnish Trivedi
2010-07-16ENGR00123924: Reconstructure fuse files and add fuse to mx53.Terry Lv
2010-07-07ENGR00124951 Uboot cannot initialize MMC cardsAnish Trivedi
2010-07-07ENGR00124908 CSPI: make spi_get_cfg platform specificJason Liu
2010-06-24ENGR00123782 Fix boot partition problem for emmcAnish Trivedi
2010-06-24ENGR00122651: Add dwc_ahsata supportTerry Lv
2010-06-08ENGR00123484 mx28:support saving environment into sd1Aisheng.Dong
2010-05-31ENGR00123551: Add mx25 splash screen supportTerry Lv
2010-05-07ENGR00123265 UBOOT:Preserve NAND bad block indicationJason Liu
2010-03-30ENGR00119033: System can not find MMC/SD card in SD slot 1Terry Lv
2010-03-26ENGR00122050: mmc can't read data whose size exceeds 32MTerry Lv
2010-03-25ENGR00121976 UBOOT: some fix for SD/MMC cardJason
2010-03-22ENGR00121832: Some code reconstructure for u-bootTerry Lv
2010-03-17ENGR00121202 Add uboot support for MX53Jason
2010-03-16ENGR000121601: FEC not work in mx28 u-bootTerry Lv
2010-03-12ENGR00121379: MX28 U-BOOT enhancementsTerry Lv
2010-03-04ENGR00120520: Enable MMU for mx51 and mx35Terry Lv
2010-02-08ENGR00120830: Add eMMC and eSD fast boot supportTerry Lv
2010-01-27ENGR00120476: Add fuse support for mx51Terry Lv
2010-01-25ENGR00120206 iMX28 Enable Ethernet and MMC boot supportrel_imx_2.6.31_10.02.00Frank Li
2010-01-11ENGR00119894: Read right value in mxc_i2cTerry Lv
2010-01-11ENGR00119890: Set right mac addr to FEC register in initTerry Lv
2009-12-31ENGR00119706: Add esdhcv1 support.Terry Lv
2009-12-21ENGR00119526 MX25: Fix mmc read/write failure on mmc ubootrel_imx_2.6.31_09.12.00Sammy He
2009-12-18ENGR00119486 MX25: Improve Lan9217 ethernet transfer speedSammy He
2009-12-11ENGR00119246 Add CONFIG_MXC_NAND config flag in MX25 platformJason
2009-12-11ENGR00118998: Can not get ip address when kernel boot upTerry Lv
2009-12-08ENGR00118789 Uboot:Update NAND scan scheme to support new nand typeJason