AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-09-16ENGR00156850 gpu-viv: add gpu-viv driver sourcerel_imx_2.6.38_11.09.01Richard Zhao
2011-09-16ARM: twd: register clockevents device before enabling PPIWill Deacon
2011-09-16ENGR00156849 MX6Q: add relative clock for BCHHuang Shijie
2011-09-15ENGR00156374 ipuv3: check channel busy while wait disable irqJason Chen
2011-09-08ENGR00156234 ipuv3: fix cpmem issueJason Chen
2011-09-08ENGR00155147 mx5x mx6x: adjust dma zone max size to 184MJason Chen
2011-09-08ENGR00155146 ipuv3: use mutex instead of spin lockJason Chen
2011-09-08ENGR00155140 ipuv3: add support of power suspend/resumeJason Chen
2011-09-08ENGR00155135-3 ipuv3 dev: add processing driver supportJason Chen
2011-09-08ENGR00155135-2 ipuv3 dev: add processing driver supportJason Chen
2011-09-08ENGR00155135-1 ipuv3 dev: add processing driver supportJason Chen
2011-09-08ENGR00156232 [mx6q]change cpuinfo keywordTony Lin
2011-09-07ENGR00155880 USB device: Fix RNDIS Full Speed hang during initializationAnish Trivedi
2011-09-06ENGR00156153: MX6- Fix bugs in clock code.Ranjani Vaidyanathan
2011-09-05ENGR00155995 [MX6]Adjust default thermal pointAnson Huang
2011-09-02ENGR00155981: MX6: Fix crash caused by cpufreq during suspend/resumeRanjani Vaidyanathan
2011-09-02ENGR00154436-2 - MXC HDMI: Support complete feature setDanny Nold
2011-09-02ENGR00154436-1 - MACH-MX6: MXC HDMI updates to support full feature setDanny Nold
2011-09-02ENGR00155958: MX6: Fix bug in setting parent of periph_clkRanjani Vaidyanathan
2011-09-02ENGR00155912 [mx6q]clock: correct pll disable functionTony Lin
2011-09-02ENGR00155893 [mx6q]clock: correct set parent functionTony Lin
2011-09-02ENGR00155890 [mx6q] code clean upTony Lin
2011-09-01ENGR00155845-2 mfd for hdmiAlan Tull
2011-09-01ENGR00155845-1 mfd for hdmiAlan Tull
2011-09-01ENGR00155715: MX6: Fix warnings is clock and cpufreq code.Ranjani Vaidyanathan
2011-09-01ENGR00155761 usb-host: fix the buiild warning with upstream reviewing patchPeter Chen
2011-09-01ENGR00155764 usb-host: fix the system hang when access register with clocks OFFPeter Chen
2011-09-01ENGR00155759 [MX6]MMDC clock should be always onAnson Huang
2011-09-01ENGR00155731 [MX6]clock disable should functionAnson Huang
2011-09-01ENGR00155612-4 [mx6q]change the delay after clock frequence change to 1msTony Lin
2011-09-01ENGR00155612-3 [mx6q]add delay after cmd6 for eMMC compatibilityTony Lin
2011-09-01ENGR00155612-2 [mx6q]dynamically sd pad setting changeTony Lin
2011-09-01ENGR00155612-1 [mx6q]dynamically sd pad setting changeTony Lin
2011-09-01usb: ehci: make HC see up-to-date qh/qtd descriptor ASAPMing Lei
2011-09-01ENGR00155627 [MX6]Add thermal cooling deviceAnson Huang
2011-09-01ENGR00155627-1 [MX6]Add thermal cooling devieAnson Huang
2011-09-01ENGR00155718 [MX6]CPUs hotplug sometimes failAnson Huang
2011-09-01ENGR00155611 [mx6q]correct eMMC DDR mode clock settingTony Lin
2011-08-30ENGR00139280: MX6: Add CPUFREQ supportRanjani Vaidyanathan
2011-08-30ENGR00153925 MX6Q: Fix EGA touch failure on lvds2 portFrank Li
2011-08-30ENGR00139255 MX6Q_BSP ESAI: Add esai recording supportLionel Xu
2011-08-30USB: Mark EHCI LPM functions as __maybe_unusedMaksim Rayskiy
2011-08-30ENGR00155396 usb-host: fix below build warningPeter Chen
2011-08-29ENGR00139255-2 MX6Q_BSP ESAI: Add esai recording supportLionel Xu
2011-08-29ENGR00139255-1 MX6Q_BSP ESAI: Add esai recording supportLionel Xu
2011-08-29ENGR00155151 imx6q clock: fix ldb and ipu-di clock enable registerJason Chen
2011-08-29ENGR00154080 ipuv3: fix clear buffer functionJason Chen
2011-08-29ENGR00155145 ipuv3 disp pos: restore pos setting after channel disable.Jason Chen
2011-08-29ENGR00153474 ipuv3 split mode: vf and enc task display with errorJason Chen
2011-08-29ENGR00155141 ipuv3 split mode: adjust split calculate functionJason Chen