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2013-03-28Fix html encoding on copy/pasteFathi Boudra
2013-03-27Exynos5: Fix errata 773022 and 774769 on Exynos52502013.02.3Alexander Graf
2013-02-07board: samsung: Update MAC address for Arndale board through GUID2013.02.2Tushar Behera
2013-02-05EXYNOS5250: ARNDALE: Check booting mode and initialize mmc/emmc accordinglyInderpal Singh
2013-02-05EXYNOS5250: ARNDALE: Read operating mode and invoke copy functions accordinglyInderpal Singh
2013-02-05EXYNOS5: ARNDALE: Implement board_late_init to set preboot and eth h/w addressInderpal Singh
2013-02-04arndale5250: Boot in Hyp mode and enable architected timersChristoffer Dall
2012-12-06ARM: highbank: only boot from specified devicesRob Herring
2012-12-06highbank, opp: fix compile error and add transition-latencyMark Langsdorf
2012-12-06highbank, opp: copy the opp point dtb table from sysramMark Langsdorf
2012-12-06ARM: highbank: fix sata compatible stringRob Herring
2012-12-06ARM: highbank: setup peripherals based on power domain statusRob Herring
2012-12-06highbank: remove frequency setting in boot scriptRob Herring
2012-12-06ARM: highbank: enable reset on command timeoutRob Herring
2012-12-06ARM: highbank: use hardcoded wfi instr for old compilersRob Herring
2012-12-06ARM: highbank: add missing SCU register setup for resetRob Herring
2012-12-06ARM: highbank: add autoboot script fileRob Herring
2012-12-06Enable the signal for PSHOLD portYuvaraj CD
2012-12-06The exynos dwmmc Ip has 2 stage divider. The first divider Register is in the...Girish K S
2012-12-06board: samsung: Added dwmmc initializationGirish K S
2012-12-06board: samsung: Removed the hardcode clock valuesGirish K S
2012-12-06arm: trats: Power down core 1Piotr Wilczek
2012-12-06arm:exynos4:universal: Eliminated low level initPiotr Wilczek
2012-12-06arm:exynos4:universal: Use pinmux for mmc configurationPiotr Wilczek
2012-12-06arm:exynos4:trats: Use pinmux for mmc configurationPiotr Wilczek
2012-12-06arm:exynos4:trats: Fix SDRAM sizePiotr Wilczek
2012-12-06Initialize boot_paramInderpal Singh
2012-12-06EXYNOS: Add support for Insignal Origen QUAD boardJeong-Hyeon Kim
2012-12-06EXYNOS: change the compile/clean option of splJeong-Hyeon Kim
2012-12-06overo: support 200Mhz memory on 37XXSteve Sakoman
2012-12-06OMAP3: Beagle: set mac addr from dieidJohn Rigby
2012-12-06OMAP4 Panda: Generate a unique usbethaddrJohn Rigby
2012-12-04ARM: vexpress: create A5 specific board configRyan Harkin
2012-12-04ARM: vexpress: move files in preparation for adding a new platformRyan Harkin
2012-11-04powerpc/mpc83xx: sparse fixesKim Phillips
2012-11-04powerpc/mpc85xx: sparse fixesKim Phillips
2012-11-02am335x_evm: Add CONFIG_ENV_VARS_UBOOT_RUNTIME_CONFIG supportTom Rini
2012-10-29Merge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-coldfireTom Rini
2012-10-29ColdFire: Update the lds file for M54418TWR board.Jason Jin
2012-10-28ESTEEM192E: adjust linker script to grown code sizeWolfgang Denk
2012-10-28TQM8xx: adjust linker script to grown code sizeWolfgang Denk
2012-10-28PPC: remove dead boards (AMX860, c2mon, ETX094, IAD210, LANTEC, SCM)Wolfgang Denk
2012-10-26Origen: Add default clock settings for multimedia IPsAnnamalai Lakshmanan
2012-10-26arm: arm925t: remove SX1 boardAlbert ARIBAUD
2012-10-26Merge remote-tracking branch 'u-boot-atmel/master'Albert ARIBAUD
2012-10-26Merge remote-tracking branch 'u-boot-ti/master'Albert ARIBAUD
2012-10-25am33xx/ddr_defs.h: rename DDR2/DDR3 defines to their actual part numbersPeter Korsgaard
2012-10-25am33xx: support board specific ddr settingsPeter Korsgaard
2012-10-25am33xx: move generic parts of pinmux handling out from board/ti/am335xPeter Korsgaard
2012-10-25am33xx: move ti i2c baseboard header handling to board/ti/am335x/Peter Korsgaard