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2012-03-26IXP: Squash warnings in IXP NPEMarek Vasut
2012-03-26IXP: Make IXP buildable with arm-linux- toolchainsMarek Vasut
2012-03-26SPL: Add YMODEM over UART load supportMatt Porter
2012-03-26spl.c: Use __noreturn decoratorTom Rini
2012-03-26Fix erroneous 32-bit access to hw_clkctrl_frac0 and hw_clkctrl_frac1 registersRobert Delien
2012-03-26Introducing 8-bit wide register, mx28_register_8Robert Delien
2012-03-26Renamed mx28_register to mx28_register_32 to prepare for mx28_register_8Robert Delien
2012-03-26i.MX28: Reformat the DRAM memory configuration dataMarek Vasut
2012-03-26usb/ehci: Add USB support for the MX6QWolfgang Grandegger
2012-03-26i.mx28: Replaced magic numbers for scratch register addresses with register d...Robert Delien
2012-03-26i.mx28: Added register definitions for DIGCTL registersRobert Delien
2012-03-26PXA: Fix missing get_tbclk() breaking vpac boardsMarek Vasut
2012-03-19nds32/n1213: correct vector table in start.SMacpaul Lin
2012-03-19nds32: fix ptrace and interrupt register overflowMacpaul Lin
2012-03-19USB: Armada100: EHCI Driver for Armada100 SOCsAjay Bhargav
2012-03-19USB: Armada100: Add UTMI PHY interface driverAjay Bhargav
2012-03-19usb: replace wait_ms() with mdelay()Mike Frysinger
2012-03-18bootstage: arm: Add bootstage calls in board and bootmSimon Glass
2012-03-18bootstage: Replace show_boot_progress/error() with bootstage_...()Simon Glass
2012-03-18bootstage: Convert progress numbers 20-41 to enumsSimon Glass
2012-03-18bootstage: Use show_boot_error() for -ve progress numbersSimon Glass
2012-03-18bootstage: Make use of BOOTSTAGE_ID_RUN_OS in show_boot_progress()Simon Glass
2012-03-17Merge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-avr32Wolfgang Denk
2012-03-17Merge branch 'sandbox' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-blackfinWolfgang Denk
2012-03-13ATMEL: remove old atmel_mci driverSven Schnelle
2012-03-13ATMEL: use generic mmc frameworkSven Schnelle
2012-03-12sandbox: add getopt supportSimon Glass
2012-03-12sandbox: allow processing before main loopSimon Glass
2012-03-12sandbox: add concept of sandbox stateSimon Glass
2012-03-12sandbox: disable fortificationMike Frysinger
2012-03-12sandbox: u-boot.lds: tweak styleMike Frysinger
2012-03-12sandbox: gpio: add basic driver for simulating GPIOsSimon Glass
2012-03-12sandbox: add flags for open() callSimon Glass
2012-03-12sandbox: fdt: add support for CONFIG_OF_CONTROLSimon Glass
2012-03-12sandbox: add lseek helperMike Frysinger
2012-03-12sandbox: add required header to os.cSimon Glass
2012-03-12sandbox: sort header files in os.cSimon Glass
2012-03-08sh: timer: Remove unnecessary variable 'ticks'Nobuhiro Iwamatsu
2012-03-06Merge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-x86Wolfgang Denk
2012-03-06Stop using builtin_run_command()Simon Glass
2012-03-06Rename run_command() to builtin_run_command()Simon Glass
2012-03-06sc520: fix build warning about unused temp varMike Frysinger
2012-03-04Remove execute permissions from source filesThomas Weber
2012-03-03ppc: Change memsz variable to signed charSimon Glass
2012-03-03m68k: Change memsz to a signed char to avoid warningSimon Glass
2012-03-03Merge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-nds32Wolfgang Denk
2012-02-28nds32/board.c: add PCI prompt at boot upMacpaul Lin
2012-02-28nds32/ag101/watchdog.S: add linkage supportMacpaul Lin
2012-02-28nds32: add linkage supportMacpaul Lin
2012-02-27armv7: omap3: leave outer cache enabledAneesh V