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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-02-24edksetup.bat: Fixed corrupts CYGWIN_HOMEOlivier Martin
2014-02-24BaseTools: Rectify use of @ in .BAT files.Olivier Martin
2013-09-04Update edksetup.bat to check VS2012Liming Gao
2012-04-10Added VS2010 support in edksetup script. lgao4
2011-02-16Correct copyright yearhhtian
2010-04-29Update the copyright notice formathhtian
2010-01-26Set correct workspace when workspace is not set.lgao4
2010-01-26Clear EFI_SOURCE and EDK_SOURCE environment when workspace is changed.lgao4
2009-11-16Added support for VS2008.ywang
2008-12-31Removed Java/Ant specific content from the setup scripts.lhauch
2008-05-20setting executable on these fileslhauch
2008-02-22Removed newbuild option from edksetup.bat command-line, this is now the default.lhauch
2007-10-31Added VS2005 supportjwang36
2007-10-25Removed an echo statement I was using for debugging on the second time this w...lhauch
2007-10-25Added a test for NewBuild argument if this is the second time through the set...lhauch
2007-10-25Updated edksetup to support VS2005 iff VS2003 is not installed for the NT32 b...lhauch
2007-10-17Restoring $WORKSPACE/BaseTools location, as the plan is to deprecatejljusten
2007-10-16Moved $WORKSPACE/BaseTools to $WORKSPACE/Tools/BaseTools.jljusten
2007-10-15Added help message for "NewBuild" and "--nt32" optionjwang36
2007-10-11a) Supported MAKE command in tools_def.txtjwang36
2007-09-26Only set EDK_TOOLS_PATH if it is not already setlhauch
2007-06-22Added "NewBuild" option to incorporate new build system locating in $(WORKSPA...jwang36
2007-01-10Added support for xmlbeans-2.2.0jwang36
2006-12-12make edksetup.bat accept case-insensitive parameters. wuyizhong
2006-11-01Fix a bug for setting CLASSPATH environment variable. Remove space after '=' ...wuyizhong
2006-10-19Put the our jar files before the system's CLASSPATHjwang36
2006-10-17Provide a way to update config files[target.txt, tools_def.txt, FrameworkData...wuyizhong
2006-10-17Fixed a little issue which will cause just one duplicated classpathjwang36
2006-10-17Fixed EDKT381. We can keep the system's CLASSPATH value after executing edkse...jwang36
2006-10-10Set the comment for JAVA_HOME to point to the minimum release version of SUN ...lhauch
2006-08-28Fix the warning of "Unknown argument: -noclasspath" when calling "edksetup Fo...qouyang
2006-08-14git-svn-id: 6f1...alfred
2006-08-10git-svn-id: 6f1...alfred
2006-08-08Fixed a bug in resetting the tools path when you switched workspaces.lhauch
2006-08-07added -noclasspath option to the ant cleanall for ForceRebuild, also changed ...lhauch
2006-07-31Add judgement for PcdTools.jar in NormalBuild path in edksetup.batklu2
2006-07-31Because Pcd entity, exception and some action package are shared by Building ...klu2
2006-07-24Added test to ensure that the only options that can be used are the help opti...lhauch
2006-07-19Add a file separate char for VS71COMNTOOLS. wuyizhong
2006-07-14Removing references to obsolete files.lhauch
2006-07-14Fixed CLASSPATH so that it is set to a specific value every time (no add-on t...lhauch
2006-07-14Updated the ReleaseNotes.txt to include a PlatformName guideline and added th...lhauch
2006-07-131. Add build FrameworkWizard in edksetup.bathche10x
2006-07-08Added the Common.jar file to the CLASSPATH that gets set if you use the skip ...lhauch
2006-07-06Provide a method to force rebuild. Using command "edksetup.bat ForceRebuild".wuyizhong
2006-06-30Change to new XML Schema.wuyizhong
2006-06-20Add exception and log mechanismqouyang
2006-06-09Added an environment variable test to bypass setting the path multiple times,...lhauch
2006-06-09Fixed a bug in the script - missing % on a WORKSPACE declaration. Also, adde...lhauch
2006-06-081.Change environment variable from "Framework_Tools_Path" to "FRAMEWORK_TOOLS...qouyang