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2014-03-31Remove unused [PcdsDynamic, PcdsDynamicEx] section.Dong Guo
2014-03-27Remove hide TPM support.Dong Guo
2014-03-17Add comments for PcdHideTpmSupport.Dong Guo
2014-01-28Add description information for the GUID and Library class defined in DEC fileDong Guo
2014-01-23Fix PCD help information format and a typo.Dong Guo
2014-01-13Fix typo in PCD description in SecurityPkg.jyao1
2014-01-10Upgrade package version to 0.93Dong Guo
2013-12-02Update DEC file and DxeImageVerificationLib to note user that ALLOW_EXECUTE_O...Fu Siyuan
2013-10-09 TrEEPhysicalPresenceLib|Include/Library/TrEEPhysicalPresenceLib.hjyao1
2013-09-18Add TPM2 implementation.jyao1
2013-09-12Add “VendorKeys” variable for indicating out of band key modification.Fu Siyuan
2013-08-281. Change default PCD in SecurityPkg to 4 (DENY_EXECUTE) in DEC file.Fu Siyuan
2013-08-09Change EFI_TCG_EVENT_HOB_GUID value to avoid the duplicated GUID value with E...Shumin Qiu
2012-09-28Rename Trusted Hob to Measured FV hob and add Guided Hob layout structureczhang46
2012-09-11Enable TPM measurement lib to measure all PE image from a FV unmeasured by Tc...czhang46
2012-08-24Remove MOR check box feature. should not have a switch to turn off MOR.czhang46
2012-07-26Enhance TCG driver to provide TPM physical presence lifetime lock capability.gdong1
2012-03-31Update common authenticated variable (non PK/KEK/DB/DBX) support to comply wi...tye1
2012-03-271. Remove “Force clear PK” feature in AuthVarialbe driver.sfu5
2011-12-14Update SecurityPkg package versions from 0.91 to 0.92.gdong1
2011-10-28Enable/Disable Secured Boot by 'Secure Boot Configuration' Page which is unde...qianouyang
2011-09-18Clean up the private GUID definition in module Level.lgao4
2011-09-02Add security package to repository.gdong1