path: root/EdkCompatibilityPkg/EdkCompatibilityPkg.dsc
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-11-26Follow UEFI spec to add the definition for EFI_SPECIFICATION_VERSION, and upd...Shumin Qiu
2011-12-13Update the Package version.lgao4
2011-10-28Correct key word of define macro to DEFINE per Build spec.lgao4
2011-08-31EdkCompatibilityPkg: Add BootScriptThunkHelper driverjljusten
2011-07-19EdkCompatibilityPkg: Add SmmScriptLibjljusten
2011-07-19EdkCompatibilityPkg: Add DxeSmmReadyToLockOnExitPmAuthThunk driverjljusten
2011-06-27EdkCompatibilityPkg: Add AcpiVariableHobOnSmramReserveHobThunkjljusten
2011-03-10Update DebugLib to provide support for "err" command in the EFI Shell to adju...mdkinney
2010-12-22Fix boot script thunk issue that we need dispatch in PEI mode for Framework d...jyao1
2010-10-12Add Framework SMM Status Code Protocol on PI SMM Status Code Protocol Thunk d...rsun3
2010-08-23Add Local APIC library mapping.rsun3
2010-07-271. Consume Debug Agent Library to support debugging AP code based on PI MP pr...vanjeff
2010-05-21Clean up package/platform DSC files by the following steps:lgao4
2010-04-24Update the copyright notice formathhtian
2010-04-06Add the missing CpuLib library instance into EdkCompatibilityPkg.dsclgao4
2010-04-01Remove the duplicated UefiRuntimeLib in EdkCompatibilityPkg.dsclgao4
2010-03-271. Remove the duplicated contents from source files and INF file of PiSmmStat...lgao4
2010-03-15Add GlueLib SmmRuntimeDxeReportStatusCodeLib into EdkCompatibilityPkg , which...lgao4
2010-03-09Update EdkCompatibilityPkg version from 0.90 to 0.91lgao4
2010-02-241. Correct File header to ## @filelgao4
2010-02-14Add Memory Allocation Library instance for modules of type DXE_SMM_DRIVERmdkinney
2010-02-10Per Framework SMM CIS spec, SMM Base Protocol.Communicate() is availabe in ru...rsun3
2010-01-26fix the typo error for the name of BootScriptSaveOnS3SaveStateThunk thunk dr...jchen20
2010-01-25Add BootScriptSaveOnS3SaveStateTunk thunk driver to Integrated S3 thunk code. .jchen20
2010-01-09update copyright to 2010lgao4
2010-01-09Make EdkCompatibilityPkg pass IPF build with WINDKK tool chain.lgao4
2009-12-31Add 4 Framework/PI SMM thunk drivers. Combined use of these drivers can suppo...rsun3
2009-12-30Rename DataHubSmBiosRecordsOnPiSmBiosThunk to PiSmbiosRecordOnDataHubSmbiosRe...klu2
2009-12-28Add a thunk driver to translate framework DataHub's smbios related record to ...klu2
2009-12-16Make MP Services thunk driver only be built under IA32 and X64 archs.xli24
2009-12-15Check in thunk driver to produce PI MP Services Protocol based on Framework M...xli24
2009-12-07Check in thunk driver for CPU I/O 2 Protocol.xli24
2009-11-25Thunk driver producing PI Legacy Region 2 Protocol based on Framework Legacy ...xli24
2009-09-22Remove unnecessary -D flag for GNU assemblers. This flag should have no effect.qhuang8
2009-07-30update EdkCompatibilityPkg version to 0.90vanjeff
2009-06-01Add directory for the new added Language Library.lgao4
2009-05-08Refine language conversion in ECP. Create a new library LanguageLib providing...rsun3
2009-04-20RemoveRemove unused IfrSupportLib and ExtendedIfrSupportLiblgao4
2009-04-13Add UefiHiiServicesLib library instance in every one DSClgao4
2009-04-02Retire Extended HII library class.rsun3
2009-02-23Add print protocol GUID to EdkCompatibilityPkg.dec and add PrintThunk to EdkC...qhuang8
2009-02-10Add comments in DSC files to explain the function and design of components se...xli24
2009-02-011) Add an example in EdkCompatibilityPkg.dsc to show how the compatibility bu...qwang12
2009-01-30Split out Synchronization Library from Base Librarymdkinney
2009-01-21Update the DSC file name based on the directory name change.qwang12
2009-01-04Revert OUTPUT_DIRECTORY to Build/EdkCompatibilityPkg. Build tool is enhanced ...qwang12
2008-12-26Upgrade both PACKAGE_VERSION and PLATFORM_VERSION to 0.5 as major function ha...qwang12
2008-12-18Update the OUTPUT_DIRECTORY name. This is to shorten the possbile command lin...qwang12
2008-12-03Unix GCC cleanup:qwang12
2008-12-01GCC Cleanup: Files name should match the case in the file system.qwang12