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authorDr. David Alan Gilbert <dgilbert@redhat.com>2014-12-11 11:46:36 +0000
committerMichael Tokarev <mjt@tls.msk.ru>2014-12-11 21:00:30 +0300
commit64baadc2726ae929660dd0c61a42e8d9f3ba1828 (patch)
parent97c61fb78ad22bbedc34da2af1db2fd9aa1cbff9 (diff)
Sort include/qemu/typedefs.h
Mainly to make it less likely to conflict during merges. Signed-off-by: Dr. David Alan Gilbert <dgilbert@redhat.com> Reviewed-by: Alex Bennée <alex.bennee@linaro.org> Signed-off-by: Michael Tokarev <mjt@tls.msk.ru>
1 files changed, 50 insertions, 55 deletions
diff --git a/include/qemu/typedefs.h b/include/qemu/typedefs.h
index 34751778a..57ff47f28 100644
--- a/include/qemu/typedefs.h
+++ b/include/qemu/typedefs.h
@@ -3,80 +3,75 @@
/* A load of opaque types so that device init declarations don't have to
pull in all the real definitions. */
-typedef struct QEMUTimer QEMUTimer;
-typedef struct QEMUTimerListGroup QEMUTimerListGroup;
-typedef struct QEMUFile QEMUFile;
-typedef struct QEMUBH QEMUBH;
-typedef struct AioContext AioContext;
-typedef struct Visitor Visitor;
struct Monitor;
-typedef struct Monitor Monitor;
-typedef struct MigrationParams MigrationParams;
-typedef struct Property Property;
-typedef struct PropertyInfo PropertyInfo;
-typedef struct CompatProperty CompatProperty;
-typedef struct DeviceState DeviceState;
-typedef struct BusState BusState;
-typedef struct BusClass BusClass;
+/* Please keep this list in alphabetical order */
+typedef struct AdapterInfo AdapterInfo;
typedef struct AddressSpace AddressSpace;
-typedef struct MemoryRegion MemoryRegion;
-typedef struct MemoryRegionSection MemoryRegionSection;
-typedef struct MemoryListener MemoryListener;
-typedef struct MemoryMappingList MemoryMappingList;
-typedef struct QEMUMachine QEMUMachine;
-typedef struct MachineClass MachineClass;
-typedef struct MachineState MachineState;
-typedef struct NICInfo NICInfo;
-typedef struct HCIInfo HCIInfo;
+typedef struct AioContext AioContext;
typedef struct AudioState AudioState;
typedef struct BlockBackend BlockBackend;
typedef struct BlockDriverState BlockDriverState;
-typedef struct DriveInfo DriveInfo;
-typedef struct DisplayState DisplayState;
+typedef struct BusClass BusClass;
+typedef struct BusState BusState;
+typedef struct CharDriverState CharDriverState;
+typedef struct CompatProperty CompatProperty;
+typedef struct DeviceState DeviceState;
typedef struct DisplayChangeListener DisplayChangeListener;
+typedef struct DisplayState DisplayState;
typedef struct DisplaySurface DisplaySurface;
-typedef struct PixelFormat PixelFormat;
-typedef struct QemuConsole QemuConsole;
-typedef struct CharDriverState CharDriverState;
-typedef struct MACAddr MACAddr;
-typedef struct NetClientState NetClientState;
+typedef struct DriveInfo DriveInfo;
+typedef struct EventNotifier EventNotifier;
+typedef struct FWCfgState FWCfgState;
+typedef struct HCIInfo HCIInfo;
typedef struct I2CBus I2CBus;
+typedef struct I2SCodec I2SCodec;
typedef struct ISABus ISABus;
typedef struct ISADevice ISADevice;
-typedef struct SMBusDevice SMBusDevice;
-typedef struct PCIHostState PCIHostState;
-typedef struct PCIExpressHost PCIExpressHost;
+typedef struct MACAddr MACAddr;
+typedef struct MachineClass MachineClass;
+typedef struct MachineState MachineState;
+typedef struct MemoryListener MemoryListener;
+typedef struct MemoryMappingList MemoryMappingList;
+typedef struct MemoryRegion MemoryRegion;
+typedef struct MemoryRegionSection MemoryRegionSection;
+typedef struct MigrationParams MigrationParams;
+typedef struct Monitor Monitor;
+typedef struct MouseTransformInfo MouseTransformInfo;
+typedef struct MSIMessage MSIMessage;
+typedef struct NetClientState NetClientState;
+typedef struct NICInfo NICInfo;
+typedef struct PcGuestInfo PcGuestInfo;
+typedef struct PCIBridge PCIBridge;
typedef struct PCIBus PCIBus;
typedef struct PCIDevice PCIDevice;
-typedef struct PCIExpressDevice PCIExpressDevice;
-typedef struct PCIBridge PCIBridge;
-typedef struct PCIEAERMsg PCIEAERMsg;
-typedef struct PCIEAERLog PCIEAERLog;
typedef struct PCIEAERErr PCIEAERErr;
+typedef struct PCIEAERLog PCIEAERLog;
+typedef struct PCIEAERMsg PCIEAERMsg;
typedef struct PCIEPort PCIEPort;
typedef struct PCIESlot PCIESlot;
-typedef struct MSIMessage MSIMessage;
-typedef struct SerialState SerialState;
+typedef struct PCIExpressDevice PCIExpressDevice;
+typedef struct PCIExpressHost PCIExpressHost;
+typedef struct PCIHostState PCIHostState;
typedef struct PCMCIACardState PCMCIACardState;
-typedef struct MouseTransformInfo MouseTransformInfo;
-typedef struct uWireSlave uWireSlave;
-typedef struct I2SCodec I2SCodec;
-typedef struct SSIBus SSIBus;
-typedef struct EventNotifier EventNotifier;
-typedef struct VirtIODevice VirtIODevice;
+typedef struct PixelFormat PixelFormat;
+typedef struct PropertyInfo PropertyInfo;
+typedef struct Property Property;
+typedef struct QEMUBH QEMUBH;
+typedef struct QemuConsole QemuConsole;
+typedef struct QEMUFile QEMUFile;
+typedef struct QEMUMachine QEMUMachine;
typedef struct QEMUSGList QEMUSGList;
typedef struct QEMUSizedBuffer QEMUSizedBuffer;
-typedef struct SHPCDevice SHPCDevice;
-typedef struct FWCfgState FWCfgState;
-typedef struct PcGuestInfo PcGuestInfo;
+typedef struct QEMUTimerListGroup QEMUTimerListGroup;
+typedef struct QEMUTimer QEMUTimer;
typedef struct Range Range;
-typedef struct AdapterInfo AdapterInfo;
+typedef struct SerialState SerialState;
+typedef struct SHPCDevice SHPCDevice;
+typedef struct SMBusDevice SMBusDevice;
+typedef struct SSIBus SSIBus;
+typedef struct uWireSlave uWireSlave;
+typedef struct VirtIODevice VirtIODevice;
+typedef struct Visitor Visitor;
#endif /* QEMU_TYPEDEFS_H */