BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
linaro-local/fullbot[ZORG] Update ClangBuilder to build libc++ with clangRenato Golin21 months
master[zorg] Enable run_long_tests for clang-s390x-linux builderUlrich Weigand39 hours
AgeCommit messageAuthor
39 hours[zorg] Enable run_long_tests for clang-s390x-linux builderHEADmasterUlrich Weigand
9 daysAdding the ability to specify an environment variable for a URL from which th...A Bergen
9 daysSimple dependency manager for our CI jobsChris Matthews
9 daysThis is an out of date builder. Use the new locationChris Matthews
11 days[zorg] Enable assertions on the linux lldb botPavel Labath
14 daysRemove openmp-ompt buildersJonas Hahnfeld
2017-12-22[zorg] Just use make rather than ninja for the riscv builderAlex Bradbury
2017-12-21[zorg] Pass make='ninja' in the llvm-riscv-linux build configAlex Bradbury
2017-12-21[zorg] Set up a buildslave to build the experimental RISCV targetAlex Bradbury
2017-12-21Always run cmake to force dependenciesGalina Kistanova