BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
master[test-suite, CUDA] Make sure we use the thrust library from test external dir.Artem Belevich13 days
release_40Creating release_40 branch off revision 291814Hans Wennborg12 months
release_50Merging r312065:Hans Wennborg5 months
release_60Creating release_60 branch off revision 321711Hans Wennborg3 weeks
svn-tags/RELEASE_390Creating release candidate final from release_390 branchHans Wennborg17 months
svn-tags/RELEASE_391Creating release candidate final from release_391 branchTom Stellard13 months
svn-tags/RELEASE_400Creating release candidate final from release_400 branchHans Wennborg10 months
svn-tags/RELEASE_401Creating release candidate final from release_401 branchTom Stellard7 months
svn-tags/RELEASE_500Creating release candidate final from release_500 branchHans Wennborg5 months
svn-tags/RELEASE_501Creating release candidate final from release_501 branchTom Stellard5 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
13 days[test-suite, CUDA] Make sure we use the thrust library from test external dir.HEADmasterArtem Belevich
13 days[test-suite, CUDA] Improve handling of GPUs not supported by particular CUDA ...Artem Belevich
2017-12-20test-suite: add avx512 tests with math intrinsicsIlia Taraban
2017-12-20test-suite: add cpu architecture detection in cmake configurationIlia Taraban
2017-12-20test-suite: add cpu features detection in configurationIlia Taraban
2017-12-09Support C++14 as a default in ClangTim Northover
2017-12-04[test-suite] Set up .arcconfig to point to new Diffusion T repositoryBen Hamilton
2017-11-18[test-suite] Fix Xcode SDK cmake cache for benchmarks using re_compFrancis Visoiu Mistrih
2017-11-17[test-suite] fix unix-smail test issue when linking staticallyPetar Jovanovic
2017-11-17[XRay][test-suite] Update XRay microbenchmarks to use ranged for loopsEizan Miyamoto