BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterUpdate remaining file headers of LLVM-project code to the new license.Chandler Carruth3 days
release_60Merging r325231:Hans Wennborg11 months
release_70Merging r340322:Hans Wennborg5 months
release_80Creating release_80 branch off revision 351319Hans Wennborg7 days
svn-tags/RELEASE_501Creating release candidate final from release_501 branchTom Stellard13 months
svn-tags/RELEASE_502Creating release candidate final from release_502 branchTom Stellard9 months
svn-tags/RELEASE_600Creating release candidate final from release_600 branchHans Wennborg11 months
svn-tags/RELEASE_601Creating release candidate final from release_601 branchTom Stellard7 months
svn-tags/RELEASE_700Creating release candidate final from release_700 branchHans Wennborg4 months
svn-tags/RELEASE_701Creating release candidate final from release_701 branchTom Stellard6 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
3 daysUpdate remaining file headers of LLVM-project code to the new license.HEADmasterChandler Carruth
3 daysUpdate the file headers used throughout the ABI testsuite to reflect theChandler Carruth
3 daysUpdate LICENSE file for the test-suite to the new license.Chandler Carruth
4 daysConsistently use unix line endings on all the source code in the testChandler Carruth
13 daystest-suite: add avx512 tests with move-load-store intrinsicsIlia Taraban
2019-01-04Make Python scripts portable across Python 2/3Serge Guelton
2019-01-04Modernize Python scriptsSerge Guelton
2018-12-26[test-suite][mips] Disable setlocale calls in consumer-typeset testSimon Atanasyan
2018-12-21[test-suite] Revert rL349493 (Adding CoMD Proxy App)Brian Homerding
2018-12-21[test-suite] Adding CoMD Proxy AppBrian Homerding