BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
master[OpenMP] Make bc file compilation sensitive to LIBOMPTARGET_NVPTX_DEBUG flagGuansong Zhang4 days
release_40Merging r292349:Jonathan Peyton15 months
release_50Merging r318848:Tom Stellard5 months
release_60Merging r325218:Hans Wennborg2 months
svn-tags/RELEASE_400Creating release candidate final from release_400 branchHans Wennborg14 months
svn-tags/RELEASE_401Creating release candidate final from release_401 branchTom Stellard10 months
svn-tags/RELEASE_500Creating release candidate final from release_500 branchHans Wennborg8 months
svn-tags/RELEASE_501Creating release candidate final from release_501 branchTom Stellard4 months
svn-tags/RELEASE_502Creating release candidate rc2 from release_502 branchTom Stellard4 weeks
svn-tags/RELEASE_600Creating release candidate final from release_600 branchHans Wennborg8 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
4 days[OpenMP] Make bc file compilation sensitive to LIBOMPTARGET_NVPTX_DEBUG flagHEADmasterGuansong Zhang
6 days[OpenMP] Compilation error fix on const char*Heejin Ahn
6 days[OpenMP] Fix affinity API for KMP_AFFINITY=none|compact|scatterJonathan Peyton
6 daysIntroduce GOMP_taskloop APIJonathan Peyton
12 daysSet the license header for all OMPT filesJoachim Protze
2018-04-10[OpenMP] Remove extra warning when we buildGuansong Zhang
2018-04-09Revert "[OpenMP] enable bc file compilation using the latest clang"Guansong Zhang
2018-04-03[OpenMP] enable bc file compilation using the latest clangGuansong Zhang
2018-03-30Minor cleanup in __kmp_atfork_child()Jonathan Peyton
2018-03-26Move blocktime_str variable right before its first useJonathan Peyton