BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterSprinkle a few <cstdlib> includes, for libomptarget sources usingDimitry Andric3 days
release_40Merging r292349:Jonathan Peyton12 months
release_50Merging r318848:Tom Stellard8 weeks
release_60Merging r322830:Hans Wennborg3 days
svn-tags/RELEASE_391Creating release candidate final from release_391 branchTom Stellard13 months
svn-tags/RELEASE_400Creating release candidate final from release_400 branchHans Wennborg10 months
svn-tags/RELEASE_401Creating release candidate final from release_401 branchTom Stellard7 months
svn-tags/RELEASE_500Creating release candidate final from release_500 branchHans Wennborg5 months
svn-tags/RELEASE_501Creating release candidate final from release_501 branchTom Stellard5 weeks
svn-tags/RELEASE_600Creating release candidate rc1 from release_600 branchHans Wennborg4 days
AgeCommit messageAuthor
3 daysSprinkle a few <cstdlib> includes, for libomptarget sources usingHEADmasterDimitry Andric
3 daysAdd missing headers for Debug buildsJonas Hahnfeld
4 daysPartial revert of [OMPT] Rename ompt_mutex_impl_t to kmp_mutex_implJoachim Protze
4 days[OMPT] Add Workaround for Intel Compiler BugJoachim Protze
4 days[OMPT] Rename ompt_mutex_impl_t to kmp_mutex_implJoachim Protze
4 days[OMPT] Return appropiate values for ompt runtime entry points for non-OpenMP ...Joachim Protze
10 daysFixed libomp static build broken by the commit rL322202.Andrey Churbanov
11 daysForce HWLOC topology method for NUMA-specific topologyJonathan Peyton
11 daysSimplify __kmp_expand_threadsJonathan Peyton
11 daysMinor code cleanupJonathan Peyton