BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
master[lit] Generate a single lit cfg file for tests that require dotest.pyJonas Devlieghere32 hours
release_34Add a missing declaration of Log in lldb.Sylvestre Ledru4 years
release_35Merging r230694:Tom Stellard3 years
release_36fix lldb-gdbserver and lldb-platform linking on RHEL 6Tom Stellard3 years
release_37Merging r245927:Hans Wennborg3 years
release_38Merging r270564:Mohit K. Bhakkad23 months
release_39Merging r284001:Nitesh Jain17 months
release_40Update scripts/Xcode/build-llvm.py to use llvm/clang 4 branchHans Wennborg15 months
release_50Merging r316106:Tom Stellard5 months
release_60Merging r327016:Tom Stellard13 days
AgeCommit messageAuthor
32 hours[lit] Generate a single lit cfg file for tests that require dotest.pyHEADmasterJonas Devlieghere
36 hoursTemporarily skip Go TestExpressions on FreeBSD as it hangsEd Maste
39 hoursFreeBSD: propagate error to user if memory access failsEd Maste
2 daysFix the Xcode gtest target for the move of FileSpecTest.cpp.Jim Ingham
2 daysFix a crash when resolving overloads of C++ virtual methods.Adrian Prantl
3 daysMove FileSpecTest to UtilityPavel Labath
3 days[DWARFASTParserClang] Remove dead code. NFCI.Davide Italiano
3 daysFix narrowing warning by appending `f` to literal constant.Adrian McCarthy
4 daysAttempt to fix TestMiniDump on windowsPavel Labath
4 daysImprove LLDB's handling of non-local minidumpsLeonard Mosescu