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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-02-23Require clang in stage 1 when enabling stage 2 / test-suitepythonDiana Picus
2018-02-23Test compulsory args. NFCDiana Picus
2018-02-22build-and-test: Allow flags to be read from filesDiana Picus
2018-02-21build-and-test: Make it possible to customize test suite runDiana Picus
2018-02-21build-and-test: Make it possible to customize stage 2Diana Picus
2018-02-21build-and-test: Make it possible to customize stage 1Diana Picus
2018-02-21build-and-test: Add required --repos-dir flagDiana Picus
2018-02-20Add subcommand for running complex scenariosDiana Picus
2018-02-12Move build_llvm into LLVMBuildConfigDiana Picus
2018-02-12Dry run-ify LLVMSourceConfigDiana Picus
2018-02-09Remove unnecessary import. NFCDiana Picus
2018-01-31Support setting up the test-suiteDiana Picus
2018-01-31Add support for running the test-suiteDiana Picus
2018-01-31Remove some duplication from the testsDiana Picus
2018-01-25Set maxDiff to None in the debug decorator. NFCDiana Picus
2018-01-23Add support for building LLVMDiana Picus
2017-12-22Replace --env with --source-dirDiana Picus
2017-12-22Add tests that I forgot in a previous commitDiana Picus
2017-12-15Move more stuff from modules.llvm to modules.utilsDiana Picus
2017-12-15Add llvm.py configureDiana Picus
2017-12-15Add for_each_subproj in LLVMSourceConfigDiana Picus
2017-11-23Move --repos flag to projects subcommandDiana Picus
2017-11-03llvm push: Print remote branch name after pushingDiana Picus
2017-07-07[llvmpush] Add llvm pushDiana Picus
2017-06-12Factor out common test primitives. NFCI.Diana Picus
2017-05-12Separate the repos from the environmentsDiana Picus
2017-04-24Remove the need for LLVM_SRC in llvm.pyDiana Picus
2017-04-06Move to Python3Diana Picus
2016-12-15[llvmprojs] Rewrite llvm-projs in pythonDiana Picus