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2016-09-17Add LINK_JOBS logic to all three builder scriptsRenato Golin
The stress, helper and bisect build scripts needed the LLVM_LINK_JOBS option to make sure it doesn't run out of memory while linking, especially in SoCs that have a lot more cores than RAM (ex. HiKey). This patch calculates the jobs by seeing how much RAM the target has and adding +1, as link jobs rarely take more than 1GB, but the final ones do use several hundred. Also making sure we don't exceed the number of cores. A few other small changes: * Replace "else if" by "elif" * Build only minimal targets on ARM (even o full build) * Fixed a -j$PARALLEL bug introduced by a prvious commit * Converted a few backticks into $() Change-Id: If4f2189623338d2924357ecd3d4ee18feb522c32
2016-09-15[llvm-build] Force lit tests to run in parallelDiana Picus
This is achieved by setting the CMake option LLVM_LIT_ARGS. If we don't do this, lit may decide that it only needs to run on one core. While we're at it, also update the run.sh that we use for bisects to force ninja to use the right number of cores while building. Change-Id: I099697f4a377541f907d8f13f8f807c2a4f901d6
2016-05-03[stress] Actually use NinjaRenato Golin
Change-Id: I5728717890872fdfb1137606cf8129d6f8e0db55
2016-04-26Initial Commit, moving from dev-private and removing private stuffRenato Golin