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2016-09-15[monitor] Add direct link to buildsRenato Golin
Adding a direct link to the buil on the build number, to avoid having to click on the bot page *then* the link. With the buildmaster *that* slow, this saves several seconds per lookup, which sometimes can be several dozens every day. Change-Id: If8cd783990042d9c51c318152b35d5b317cb5bf6
2016-06-15[monitor] moving 42vma bot back upstreamv1.0Renato Golin
2016-06-10[monitor] JSON documentationRenato Golin
Change-Id: Ifc143115fa3f6387af27ac4fddbc4bdaa1fca917
2016-06-06[monitor] Remove dead Darwin botRenato Golin
Change-Id: Ie6a52a009d8f44988d85bdbb022ead0e88a83f95
2016-06-06[monitor] Fix shellcheck warnings, typoRenato Golin
Change-Id: Iccedb32e03eb2b446497d040cc5533ced5a4979a
2016-06-06[monitor] Move 42VMA to silentRenato Golin
Change-Id: Ie8e5ab8527193ac60d0dbd9fcb7a10baea960d0e
2016-06-06[monitor] Add installation scriptRenato Golin
This script will check all the dependencies, create the base infrastrcture and provide post-installation instructions to enable the monitor. Change-Id: I948cf7fa43738a9624b525eee2e5bfb516331c7a
2016-04-26Initial Commit, moving from dev-private and removing private stuffRenato Golin