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2021-09-13llvmbot monitor: Add Libcxx buildkite botsDavid Spickett
This adds the 6 libcxx buildkite bots to the status page. These bots build pre-commit changes from Phabricator and scheduled post commit builds of the main llvm branch. For this page we will only be showing the status of the last post commit build. If there's something wrong with pre-commit builds that isn't the changes themselves, libcxx maintainers can ping us. To get this status we're using the buildkite API (https://buildkite.com/docs/apis/rest-api) via the pybuildkite module (https://pypi.org/project/pybuildkite/). Although this is a fairly thin wrapper around requests I think it'll insulate us some from future API changes. Plus it's not difficult to install, the main dependency is requests itself. To authenticate we are using a token I have generated from my buildkite account. Any account that has been made a member of the llvm-project organisation can generate a token to use. This token should be placed in a file ~/.buildkite_token for the script to access it. We're making the assumption that the host machine is only accessible to users who would be able to generate their own tokens anyway so having it on disk isn't a big deal. For more info see: https://linaro.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/TCWG/pages/22405546190/Buildkite+Bot+Maintenance If the script cannot find it or the file is empty, it will just carry on and show buildbot status only. I have copied the info schema from the buildbot status values for the most part. If you set the "name" of a section to "Buildkite" it will be treated as such. I have added a "valid" key in the buildkite info so we can differentiate between having no API access, and having API access but not finding any build info. Valid empty entry means we don't have access, empty and not valid means we failed to read the status. Each builder listed for buildkite isn't a builder but a job that an agent will pick up. In our case, the Arm jobs from the libcxx build. (the same way that the Armv7 buildbots are served by multiple agents) Note that the link in the "Bot" column requires a buildkite login and links to the actual agent that ran the job. "Build" links will always point to the same build for all bots but each one will open the specific section for that configuration. Change-Id: Icdc02305551cd8a585e06f33bce2fb7386063daf
2021-09-09monitor: Add SVE VLA (vector-length-agnostic) botsMaxim Kuvyrkov
... in addition to SVE VLS (vector-length-speficic bots. Change-Id: I5e0e5de7947974af0f891f250210631d161c24f6
2021-06-16[monitor] Update and rework buildbot listMaxim Kuvyrkov
- Update bot names after rename. - Mention full bots only in "Full Bots" section. Change-Id: I7129e8b856221e02949fa36bcb041705e0ec2c70
2021-05-12monitor: Remove flang-out-of-tree-new-driverDiana Picus
Change-Id: Ia83515fd2ec284c8f7807c8eb0f0915aefafb0ef
2021-04-14monitor: Use httpsMaxim Kuvyrkov
Change-Id: Id61d1f38808b11110b76a6988ee702f1fd963819
2021-04-14monitor: Fix name of flang latest-gcc botMaxim Kuvyrkov
Change-Id: Ie7a6f523fdb67f3164de05592dd9accfcf505dc1
2021-04-14monitor: Add flang-aarch64-ubuntu-{debug, latest-clang, latest-gcc} botsMaxim Kuvyrkov
... and alphabetically sort flang bots. Change-Id: Icf505bed6e2771a9a5b429f4824159d9ce340b55
2021-04-14monitor: Use new-style LLVM buildmaster URLsMaxim Kuvyrkov
Change-Id: Ibaa3929fbf74261412cf22e4d44140242747c912
2021-03-18Remove extra comma from JSON monitor file.Stevan Radaković
Change-Id: I7de6091a136a4e2442678ce12682cb2242e99779
2021-03-18Remove some flang buildbots from monitoring page.Stevan Radaković
Some buildbots where moved to silent master per Galinas request. Remove them from the monitoring page for the time being. Change-Id: I1b19b049e4c8acb150142a8345f61a3fa2ea616b
2021-03-16Add recent Flang bots to Linaro monitoring page.Stevan Radaković
Change-Id: I4f5d421b54ce29489b01b49247f7a61641dbadbd
2021-03-12monitor/linaro.json: Remove libcxx buildbotsDavid Spickett
These are all buildkite bots now. Status for those coming once I get hold of an API key for buildkite. Change-Id: I6aae10e62bbed43d799c6b233f0106395d02e4cf
2020-11-26monitor: Add flang-dylib and sharedlibs botsDiana Picus
The upstream buildmaster has been restarted so it should be safe to reland this. Change-Id: I04608480124867b3a20e87424ce9c08c2a238a53
2020-11-25Revert "monitor: Add flang-dylib and sharedlibs bots"Diana Picus
This reverts commit 9630ccabfbf08aa73fdb72066605f15fe1ebdfe2. Reason for revert: Upstream master hasn't been restarted yet so the monitor gets confused because the bots aren't there yet. Will recommit after the bots are live. Change-Id: I7ade09e219631c0d027ed34dd390ee1bcb110e14
2020-11-24monitor: Add flang-dylib and sharedlibs botsDiana Picus
Change-Id: Id464e06b02846b8ff3fe500dc8a2b452b74fbe1f
2020-10-14Move bot-status to python and adapt it to buildbot v2Adhemerval Zanella
The perl syntax was giving me headaches, so I rewrote it in python3. It has exactly the same functionalities, even the debug logging (which is not enabled through command line). The resulting HMTL should be slight different placement, but with the same expected informations. The 'Comments' fields might result in truncated information because some bots returns a long string with all the resulting information instead of a more simple status. I also added a small optimization to use HTTP Keep-alive (through the python requests library) to avoid open multiple connections to fetch each json file. Change-Id: I2bc1e400ac8eabdac876bae7cc2f2344d9fdaa1d
2020-10-05Add clang-cmake-aarch64-full to flang categoryDiana Picus
This buildbot also builds flang now. Change-Id: I8ff95665846465b5d91c1206555ab6639d53a7d9
2020-10-05Add flang out of tree buildbotDiana Picus
Create a new category for flang buildbots. At the moment it only contains the out of tree buildbot. Change-Id: I2011522c894a30947025b7e105248948a2d3d6c1
2020-10-02Add Windows on Arm buildbots to the monitorMaxim Kuvyrkov
Change-Id: I467addc615283e95f5def53ba42adc6da4e5410a
2020-05-13Add LLDB bots to llvm buildbot monitoring pageMuhammad Omair Javaid
This patch edits the monitor/linaro.json to add LLDB ARM and AArch64 buildbots running on normal master. Change-Id: I054fdeabb94e536735ca7d1f191cf5a71f904208
2019-08-23[monitor] Remove armv8/thumbv8 botsDiana Picus
Remove all armv8/thumbv8 bots, which don't exist anymore (except clang-cmake-armv8-lld). Also add clang-cmake-thumbv7-full-sh to the test-suite category as well, since it's now also running the test-suite. Change-Id: I76c4982da55b7c6815af7fe5c40124c8ea387146
2019-06-13Fix typosMaxim Kuvyrkov
Change-Id: Ief86fc116f3643e9b0f128ad21f4e1151d1b5c61
2019-06-11Return clang-native-arm-lnt-perf to the normal serverPeter Smith
The clang-native-arm-lnt-perf has been providing stable enough results to take it off the silent master and put it on the normal master. Change-Id: Ibaf31047517cd172ba80ab8f40a62c50ce83c37d
2019-02-15monitor: aarch64-lld bot is fullDiana Picus
clang-cmake-aarch64-lld has compiler-rt enabled, so we should list it as a full bot on the monitoring page. Change-Id: Ifcc3982f84c552516ac6a0ff438ceac00509a717
2018-08-11monitor: Add clang-cmake-armv8-lld botMaxim Kuvyrkov
Change-Id: I6635b8569f682e6ed15bde57725dc835c26f2571
2018-02-24monitor/linaro.json: Add missing armv8 quick and libcxx bots.Maxim Kuvyrkov
Change-Id: Ia9ee56eff07c95edf0a452d4a2aa9a32e23c940e
2018-02-24monitor/linaro.json: Fix typos.Maxim Kuvyrkov
Change-Id: I9c9af708b824e377b6bef0da6d12e753a2983bd5
2018-02-24monitor/linaro.json: Update builder names and add armv8 32-bit builders.Maxim Kuvyrkov
Change-Id: I7b24dcd6eeb77370e934b71fa48f04d33b50f26a
2018-02-06Update LLVM bot configuration in the monitor.Maxim Kuvyrkov
Change-Id: I8c4e644ce38500956f0ffebf97424f2d4792a608
2017-11-13[monitor] Update buildbots listDiana Picus
Update the buildbots list in linaro.json to match the reality. The new list is copied from our current monitor, which we have been updating over time. Change-Id: I046db3299aa43a6895b2aa36c3fd2da0acf8a799
2016-06-15[monitor] moving 42vma bot back upstreamv1.0Renato Golin
2016-06-06[monitor] Remove dead Darwin botRenato Golin
Change-Id: Ie6a52a009d8f44988d85bdbb022ead0e88a83f95
2016-06-06[monitor] Move 42VMA to silentRenato Golin
Change-Id: Ie8e5ab8527193ac60d0dbd9fcb7a10baea960d0e
2016-04-26Initial Commit, moving from dev-private and removing private stuffRenato Golin