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2016-06-16Allow people to clone from the RO repoDiana Picus
This is necessary in order to allow people outside TCWG to use our scripts Change-Id: Ia1855be8f5a45d6c8b070c782548b6e7bfb11335
2016-06-15Use git worktree in the LLVM helper scriptsDiana Picus
This commit adds a new script, llvm-env, which sets up the environment for working with LLVM. It looks for an environment variable LLVM_ROOT and tries to create the following hierarchy: $LLVM_ROOT `- repos | `- llvm | `- clang | `- compiler-rt | [...] `- <branch1> | `- llvm | `- build | `- debug `- <branch2> | `- llvm | `- build | `- debug [...] The $LLVM_ROOT/repos directory contains all the repositories, as checked out by llvm-prepare, and will always track master. For other branches, llvm-env <branch_name> will create a new directory, $LLVM_ROOT/<branch_name>, and will add an llvm worktree directory there. If -d is passed, it will also create a debug directory there, otherwise it will create a build directory. Notice that these 2 can live in parallel, and we can switch between them at any time by invoking llvm-env. It will set LLVM_SRC and LLVM_BLD accordingly, and also modify the path to point to the binaries in LLVM_BLD. The other scripts will now work with the LLVM_SRC and LLVM_BLD set by llvm-env in the current shell. Because llvm-env controls whether or not we're doing a debug build, llvm-build will no longer take a -d flag (it will instead look after a LLVM_DEBUG environment variable, also set by llvm-env). There are changes in llvm-projs, too, because now it no longer creates links - instead it creates worktree directories in the corresponding $LLVM_ROOT/<branch>/llvm. Other scripts have also been updated accordingly. To make things easier, here are some of the changes that I had to make that are not particularly important for the review (pretty mechanical stuff): * Moved function has() from llvm-branch to llvm-common, so I could reuse it * Because of this, I had to rename the has() function in llvm-projs to has_link(), which is actually a better name for it anyway * Disable the checks for LLVM_SRC and LLVM_BLD in llvm-common Change-Id: I9e02f6d8e0c803e79838845013b81331dffba99c
2016-05-12Git user is now necessary to checkout from Linaro's repoRenato Golin
Change-Id: Ic0a8ff81f82896359f2f8e482943710d8d06fa29
2016-04-27Typos & nitpicksDiana Picus
Fix some typos in the READMEs. Nit #1: Use full path when cloning repo If we use the basename, we're forced to run the script from the directory where we want the whole thing to live. By using the full path, we can run the script from anywhere. Nit #2: Use more general name for variable (generator vs ninja) Nit #3 (noticed by Renato): Set generator explicitly in llvm-build When ninja is not found, we use make for the build. However, we don't tell cmake about it and instead let it choose its own default generator. This commit explicitly sets the cmake generator to "Unix Makefiles", in case cmake's default generator for the current platform is not make. In order to get this to work, it was necessary to make some changes to the safe_run helper function, so we wouldn't lose the quotes around "Unix Makefiles". Change-Id: I9592645d517d006b0e680a2996d498e57f009400
2016-04-26Initial Commit, moving from dev-private and removing private stuffRenato Golin