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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-03-02Remove Clang-Tools-Extra from old scriptsRenato Golin
2017-04-13[git] Prepare repos with --no-checkoutRenato Golin
2017-04-12Revert "[cron] force arch to v7ve, which is v7a+virt aka A15, to avoid bad gc...Renato Golin
2016-12-16Add -Wall to all buildsDiana Picus
2016-10-26[cron] add -v to make better logsRenato Golin
2016-10-26[build] Disabling split-dwarf for now due to possible errorsRenato Golin
2016-10-23[cron] force arch to v7ve, which is v7a+virt aka A15, to avoid bad gcc driver...Renato Golin
2016-10-21[cron] Fix typo redir erasing logfileRenato Golin
2016-10-20[cron] anti-flog checks for previous PIDRenato Golin
2016-10-19[build] adding split-dwrf to llvm-build debugRenato Golin
2016-10-12[cron] fix yet another bug diana found :)Renato Golin
2016-10-12[cron] ignore your own pidRenato Golin
2016-10-12[cron] Simplify running checkRenato Golin
2016-10-12[Cron] Add a new crontab builder for debug purposesRenato Golin
2016-09-17Add LINK_JOBS logic to all three builder scriptsRenato Golin
2016-09-15[llvm-build] Force lit tests to run in parallelDiana Picus
2016-08-02[helpers] Teach llvm-env to self-hostRenato Golin
2016-07-22[llvm-build] Add -j optionDiana Picus
2016-07-21Separate install directory for each worktreeDiana Picus
2016-06-29[llvm-env] List current worktree directories - ErrataDiana Picus
2016-06-29[llvm-env] List current worktree directoriesDiana Picus
2016-06-16Allow people to clone from the RO repoDiana Picus
2016-06-16Add option to build a certain target (and -h option)Diana Picus
2016-06-15Use git worktree in the LLVM helper scriptsDiana Picus
2016-06-13[helpers] YCM helperRenato Golin
2016-05-20Use LLVM_SVNUSER in the checkout linkDiana Picus
2016-05-12Git user is now necessary to checkout from Linaro's repoRenato Golin
2016-05-12Rename llvm-lit to avoid clash with LLVM's oneRenato Golin
2016-05-03Change interface for llvm-projs and llvm-syncDiana Picus
2016-04-27Bugfix: Actually create the build directoryDiana Picus
2016-04-27Typos & nitpicksDiana Picus
2016-04-26Don't create links in llvm-prepareDiana Picus
2016-04-26Merge "Add clang-tools-extra, lld and lldb to the scripts"Renato Golin
2016-04-26Better error reporting in llvm-syncDiana Picus
2016-04-26Add clang-tools-extra, lld and lldb to the scriptsDiana Picus
2016-04-26Initial Commit, moving from dev-private and removing private stuffRenato Golin