AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
5 daysRevert "llvmbot monitor: Move armv8-quick to silent"HEADmasterDavid Spickett
5 daysAdd/Update Flang and LLDB windows botsMuhammad Omair Javaid
6 daysllvmbot monitor: Move armv8-quick to silentDavid Spickett
2022-11-25llvmbot monitor: Move clang-armv7-global-isel to silentDavid Spickett
2022-11-25llvmbot monitor: Move armv7 lnt bot to silentDavid Spickett
2022-11-24llvmbot monitor: Remove SVE silent botsDavid Spickett
2022-11-01llvmbot monitor: Add MIT License fileDavid Spickett
2022-11-01llvmbot monitor: Add HTML DOCTYPEDavid Spickett
2022-10-31llvmbot monitor: Remove the favicon status featureDavid Spickett
2022-10-27llvmbot monitor: Update READMEDavid Spickett
2022-10-24llvmbot monitor: Remove armv7-quick and move flang bot back to normalDavid Spickett
2022-10-21llvmbot monitor: Move flang-aarch64-release to silentDavid Spickett
2022-10-21llvmbot monitor: Add clang-armv8-quickDavid Spickett
2022-10-20llvmbot monitor: Move aarch64 and armv8 full bots back to normalDavid Spickett
2022-10-18llvmbot monitor: Move armv8-lld-2stage to silentDavid Spickett
2022-10-10llvmbot monitor: Move clang-aarc64-full-2stage to silentDavid Spickett
2022-09-16Revert "llvmbot monitor: Move WoA to silent"David Spickett
2022-08-19llvmbot monitor: Move WoA to silentDavid Spickett
2022-08-18llvm bot monitor: Move armv8-lld-2stage back to normalDavid Spickett
2022-08-15llvmbot monitor: aarch64-full-2stage is not silent anymoreDiana Picus
2022-08-05llvmbot monitor: aarch64-full-2stage is now silentDavid Spickett
2022-08-03llvmbot monitor: Handle having only 1 build, that is a failureDavid Spickett
2022-08-03monitor: Move full bot to silentDiana Picus
2022-07-29llvmbot monitor: Remove the 3 normal SVE botsDavid Spickett
2022-07-27llvm bots monitor: Move 3 SVE bots to silentDavid Spickett
2022-07-25llvm buildbot monitor: armv8-lld-2stage is now silentDavid Spickett
2022-06-06llvm monitor: Ignore buildkite builds of release branchesDavid Spickett
2022-06-01llvm buildbot monitor: Be more resilient to API failuresDavid Spickett
2022-02-09llvmbot monitor: Highlight in red time since if it is > 1 dayDavid Spickett
2022-01-18llvm bot monitor: Add WoA bot to flang categoryDiana Picus
2021-12-14llvm bot monitor: Rework how the table headers and colspan are setDavid Spickett
2021-12-14llvm bot monitor: Shade every second bot in the tablesDavid Spickett
2021-12-14llvmbot monitor: Move arm/thumbv7 full bots to silent sectionDavid Spickett
2021-12-06llvm monitor: Properly raise http errorsDavid Spickett
2021-10-22buildkite bot status: Ignore jobs that were never startedDavid Spickett
2021-10-07Buildkite Status: Correct filtering of buildsDavid Spickett
2021-09-13llvmbot monitor: Add Libcxx buildkite botsDavid Spickett
2021-09-09monitor: Add SVE VLA (vector-length-agnostic) botsMaxim Kuvyrkov
2021-07-19bot-status.py: Describe -d debug optionDavid Spickett
2021-06-24bot-status.py: Cleaup tags for offline botsDavid Spickett
2021-06-24bot-status.py: Handle missing botsDavid Spickett
2021-06-16[monitor] Update and rework buildbot listMaxim Kuvyrkov
2021-06-16buildbot: Remove no-longer-needed scriptsMaxim Kuvyrkov
2021-05-12monitor: Remove flang-out-of-tree-new-driverDiana Picus
2021-04-14bot-status.py: Add "Time Since" column to catch outdated stateMaxim Kuvyrkov
2021-04-14monitor: Use httpsMaxim Kuvyrkov
2021-04-14monitor: Fix name of flang latest-gcc botMaxim Kuvyrkov
2021-04-14monitor: Add flang-aarch64-ubuntu-{debug, latest-clang, latest-gcc} botsMaxim Kuvyrkov
2021-04-14monitor: Use new-style LLVM buildmaster URLsMaxim Kuvyrkov
2021-03-25bot-status.py: Split getting bot status from writing itDavid Spickett