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[helpers] YCM helper
YouCompleteMe helper, updates the YCM config file once YCM-Generator creates one for you. The steps are: * Install YCM / Generator * Inside Vim, on $LLVM_SRC, run :YcmGenerateConfig * Outside vim, with llvm-env on the same workdir run: llvm-ycm * Re-start vim, all is good Why is this needed? 1. YCM relies on .ycm_extra_conf.py to be precise and correct 2. LLVM includes headers and libraries from both source and build dirs 3. YCM-Generator has no idea about the build dir, so it uses /tmp Note: * You will need to do this for each workdir, as the path has to be absolute * Don't use CMake's compilation_database.json, or header files won't work Change-Id: If14008d96d7198060cb403439db55c234693c837
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