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authorDiana Picus <diana.picus@linaro.org>2016-04-22 16:47:57 +0300
committerDiana Picus <diana.picus@linaro.org>2016-04-27 11:12:58 +0300
commit416bc4fa97ca57032c7e1ae8402510e5cc033938 (patch)
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Typos & nitpicks
Fix some typos in the READMEs. Nit #1: Use full path when cloning repo If we use the basename, we're forced to run the script from the directory where we want the whole thing to live. By using the full path, we can run the script from anywhere. Nit #2: Use more general name for variable (generator vs ninja) Nit #3 (noticed by Renato): Set generator explicitly in llvm-build When ninja is not found, we use make for the build. However, we don't tell cmake about it and instead let it choose its own default generator. This commit explicitly sets the cmake generator to "Unix Makefiles", in case cmake's default generator for the current platform is not make. In order to get this to work, it was necessary to make some changes to the safe_run helper function, so we wouldn't lose the quotes around "Unix Makefiles". Change-Id: I9592645d517d006b0e680a2996d498e57f009400
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diff --git a/helpers/llvm-common b/helpers/llvm-common
index 5cf3f4a..d7de48f 100755
--- a/helpers/llvm-common
+++ b/helpers/llvm-common
@@ -43,10 +43,9 @@ get_branches() {
safe_run() {
- CMD="$*"
- $CMD
+ "$@"
if [[ $? != 0 ]]; then
- echo "'$CMD' failed, bailing out"
+ echo "'$@' failed, bailing out"
exit 1