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authorDiana Picus <diana.picus@linaro.org>2017-10-31 15:35:24 +0100
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Minor fixes to scripts interfaces
* Remove all references to clang-tools-extra in helpers We do not support clang tools extra in the python scripts, since it's too complicated and nobody is working on it yet. Therefore, clean up all references to it in the helpers as well, to avoid any confusion. * Add a bit more info to llvm.py --help Change-Id: I5990925cebafce182b081227a4d33aecead7b4ac
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--- a/helpers/.llvm-env-remove
+++ b/helpers/.llvm-env-remove
@@ -29,7 +29,6 @@ fi
# worktrees are removed too, so we only need to prune the repos)
safe_run remove_worktree $llvm_repo_dir $llvm_worktree_dir
safe_run remove_worktree $llvm_repo_dir/../clang
-safe_run remove_worktree $llvm_repo_dir/../clang-tools-extra
safe_run remove_worktree $llvm_repo_dir/../compiler-rt
safe_run remove_worktree $llvm_repo_dir/../lld
safe_run remove_worktree $llvm_repo_dir/../libcxx