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Add LINK_JOBS logic to all three builder scripts
The stress, helper and bisect build scripts needed the LLVM_LINK_JOBS option to make sure it doesn't run out of memory while linking, especially in SoCs that have a lot more cores than RAM (ex. HiKey). This patch calculates the jobs by seeing how much RAM the target has and adding +1, as link jobs rarely take more than 1GB, but the final ones do use several hundred. Also making sure we don't exceed the number of cores. A few other small changes: * Replace "else if" by "elif" * Build only minimal targets on ARM (even o full build) * Fixed a -j$PARALLEL bug introduced by a prvious commit * Converted a few backticks into $() Change-Id: If4f2189623338d2924357ecd3d4ee18feb522c32
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