LLVM Development Helper Scripts

These scripts are meant to help you setup and develop around LLVM and its
sub-projects. There are many quirks when developing with LLVM, but the scripts
can only cover part of them, while others have to be explained via documents.

The directory is split in multiple parts:

Bisect: Scripts to help you bisect a problem in LLVM. They use SVN on both
LLVM and Clang and can spot errors at build, check-all and test-suite time. Due
to the symlink problem, neither git nor svn bisect scripts work well with LLVM.

Buildbot: Scripts for setting up a buildmaster and buildslaves and
how to manage them in the long run.

Helpers: Scripts that setup the Git/Svn repositories, check-out, validate
branches, build and test LLVM in its multiple forms. Since the repositories have
an intricate relationship (symlinks inside the llvm tree), dealing with them is
not part of the scripts, and they assume the setup is consciously correct.

Monitor: Scripts to help you monitor buildbots.

Release: A simple wrapper around the test-release.sh script that records how
we release for ARM and AArch64.

Stress: A stress script that just builds LLVM non-stop. This is used to test
experimental hardware for constant prolongued abuse of CPU, memory and disk

Test-suite: These scripts prepare and run the LNT test-suite in multiple ways.

These scripts are not meant to be perfect, nor universal. You may find that only
part of them are useful to you.