BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
linaro-local/diana.picus/RC2-ishMerging r309147:Hans Wennborg9 months
master[cmake] Remove duplicate command line options from buildAaron Smith3 weeks
release_37Merging r244005:Hans Wennborg3 years
release_38Creating release_38 branch off revision 257626Hans Wennborg2 years
release_39[3.9.1] Merge r279871 - [ARM] Adding .arch directives around WMMX unwind codeRenato Golin19 months
release_40Merging r296358 and r296359:Hans Wennborg14 months
release_50Merge r311574: ARM: explicitly specify the 8-byte alignmentRenato Golin6 months
release_60Drop 'svn' suffix from the version number.Hans Wennborg4 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-04-05[cmake] Remove duplicate command line options from buildHEADmasterAaron Smith
2018-04-04[CMake] Support for monorepo layoutPetr Hosek
2018-02-27[libunwind][MIPS]: Add support for unwinding in N32 processes.John Baldwin
2018-02-27[libunwind] Permit additional compiler and linker flags to be passed to tests.John Baldwin
2018-01-27[cmake] [libunwind] LLVM_FOUND isn't always set, so just test ifDon Hinton
2018-01-26Don't enable _LIBUNWIND_BUILD_ZERO_COST_APIS if building the SJLJ APIsMartin Storsjo
2018-01-26[cmake] [libunwind] Call llvm_setup_rpath() when adding shared libraries.Don Hinton
2018-01-22[cmake] [libunwind] Fix find_path() problems when cross compilingDon Hinton
2018-01-16[PPC64] Added vector registers.Martin Storsjo
2018-01-10[libunwind] Set up .arcconfig to point to new Diffusion UNW repositoryPetr Hosek