BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
linaro-local/diana.picus/RC2-ishMerging r309474:Hans Wennborg17 months
linaro-local/peter.smith/pgo[CMake] Fix install-cxx target.Matt Morehouse7 months
masterFix size_t/off_t mixup in std::filesystem.Dan Albert6 hours
release_37Merging r244003:Hans Wennborg3 years
release_38Merging r261088:Daniel Sanders3 years
release_39Merge r286774 - Fixes PR30979Eric Fiselier2 years
release_40Merge r296561 - Fix PR32097 - is_abstract doesn't work on class templates.Eric Fiselier20 months
release_50Merging r315994:Tom Stellard14 months
release_60Merging r323390:Tom Stellard7 months
release_70Merging r343369:Tom Stellard6 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
6 hoursFix size_t/off_t mixup in std::filesystem.HEADmasterDan Albert
6 hoursAdd large file support to create_file for 32-bit.Dan Albert
7 hours[libc++] Support different libc++ namespaces in the iterator testPetr Hosek
10 hoursUpdate year in license filesHans Wennborg
24 hours[test] Fix logic error in <compare> tests; enable for MSVC Dev16Casey Carter
26 hoursGeneralize the comparison test structure to support cross-type comparisons. N...Marshall Clow
2 days[libcxx] Mark do_open, do_get and do_close parameters unused when catopen is ...Petr Hosek
4 daysChange from a to a . Fixes PR#39871.Marshall Clow
4 days[libcxx] Call __count_bool_true for bitset countAdhemerval Zanella
4 daysDon't use the form '2017y' in tests, since some gcc versions don't allow itMarshall Clow