BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
google/stableCreating branches/google/stable and tags/google/stable/2018-03-13 from r326829Eric Christopher10 days
google/testingCreating branches/google/testing and tags/google/testing/2017-11-14 from r317716David L. Jones4 months
linaro-local/diana.picus/NeonSHFailureR34811: Allow visibilities other than 'default' for VisibleNoLinkage entities.Richard Smith6 months
linaro-local/diana.picus/RC2-ishRevert r309328 and r309290 (which merged r309327 and r309226).Hans Wennborg7 months
linaro-local/diana.picus/TestPush[analyzer] lock_guard and unique_lock extension for BlockInCriticalSection ch...Gabor Horvath5 months
linaro-local/diana.picus/VerboseISel[Driver] Add support for mips32 and scudoSimon Dardis8 weeks
linaro-local/yvan.roux/B32999[refactor] select the entire DeclStmt if one ifs decls is selectedAlex Lorenz5 months
master[C++17] Fix class template argument deduction for default constructors withou...Zhihao Yuan79 min.
release_50Backporting 325651::Simon Dardis7 days
release_60ReleaseNotes: move the retpoline bullets higherHans Wennborg3 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
79 min.[C++17] Fix class template argument deduction for default constructors withou...HEADmasterZhihao Yuan
4 hours[analyzer] Do not crash in CallEvent.getReturnType()George Karpenkov
5 hours[ODRHash] Support pointer and reference types.Richard Trieu
6 hours[libFuzzer] Use OptForFuzzing attribute with -fsanitize=fuzzer.Matt Morehouse
8 hoursChange for an LLVM header file moveDavid Blaikie
10 hours[CUDA] Fixed false error reporting in case of calling H->G->HD->D.Artem Belevich
10 hours[HWASan] Port HWASan to Linux x86-64 (clang)Alex Shlyapnikov
10 hours[AMDGPU] Fix codegen for inline assemblyYaxun Liu
11 hours[AMDGPU] Update OpenCL to use 48 bytes of implicit arguments for AMDGPU (CLANG)Tony Tye
11 hours[AMDGPU] Remove use of OpenCL triple environment and replace with function at...Tony Tye