BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
google/stableCreating branches/google/stable and tags/google/stable/2018-08-24 from r340178Jordan Rupprecht5 weeks
linaro-local/D47948Move VersionTuple from clang/Basic to llvm/SupportPavel Labath4 months
linaro-local/ci/llvm-kernel-aarch64-goodAMDGPU: Correct errors in device tableMatt Arsenault6 weeks
linaro-local/ci/llvm-kernel-aarch64-testedRemoved unused variable [NFC]Mikael Holmen5 weeks
linaro-local/peter.smith/icf[AArch64] Add support for -mcmodel=tinyPeter Smith4 months
linaro-local/peter.smith/pgoAdd command line option -fprofile-opt-cold-for-sizePeter Smith3 months
linaro-local/sanitizerAs discussed with SG10, bump version of __cpp_deduction_guides macro to indic...Richard Smith4 months
master[analyzer] scan-build: if --status-bugs is passed, don't forget about the exi...Roman Lebedev8 min.
release_60Merging r322030:Tom Stellard4 months
release_70ReleaseNotes: tiny fixHans Wennborg2 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
8 min.[analyzer] scan-build: if --status-bugs is passed, don't forget about the exi...HEADmasterRoman Lebedev
4 hoursRemoved extra semicolon to fix Wpedantic. (NFCI).Simon Pilgrim
5 hoursclang-format: [JS] space after parameter naming.Martin Probst
6 hours[clang-cl] Make /Gs imply default stack probes, not /Gs0 (PR39074)Hans Wennborg
6 hours[CUDA] Fix two failed test cases using --cuda-path-ignore-envJiading Gai
7 hours[Frontend] Tidy up -print-decl-contexts conditionsFangrui Song
9 hoursP0859R0: List-initialization is potentially-constant-evaluated andRichard Smith
9 hours[OPENMP] Add support for OMP5 requires directive + unified_address clauseKelvin Li
13 hours[analyzer] Fix a crash on casting symbolic pointers to derived classes.Artem Dergachev
13 hoursFix a bot failure from r343042.Erik Pilkington