BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
erp-17.08linux: unixbench: fix a typo on logfile nameChase Qi14 months
erp-18.01sh-test-lib: Don't run apt-get update every timeDan Rue10 months
erp-18.06ERP: ltp: skip msgctl11Chase Qi3 months
masterkselftest: skip hang test bpf on all devicesNaresh Kamboju3 days
2018.08test-definitions-2018.08.tar.gz  Chase Qi4 weeks
rpb-16.12test-definitions-rpb-16.12.tar.gz  Milosz Wasilewski22 months
2016.03test-definitions-2016.03.tar.gz  Milosz Wasilewski2 years
2016.01test-definitions-2016.01.tar.gz  Milosz Wasilewski3 years
2015.11test-definitions-2015.11.tar.gz  Milosz Wasilewski3 years
2015.09test-definitions-2015.09.tar.gz  Milosz Wasilewski3 years
2015.08test-definitions-2015.08.tar.gz  Milosz Wasilewski3 years
2015.07test-definitions-2015.07.tar.gz  Naresh Kamboju3 years
2015.06test-definitions-2015.06.tar.gz  Milosz Wasilewski3 years
2015.05test-definitions-2015.05.tar.gz  Milosz Wasilewski3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
3 dayskselftest: skip hang test bpf on all devicesHEADmasterNaresh Kamboju
6 dayslinux/v4l2-compliance: support to modprobe driver and install v4l-utilsChase Qi
2018-09-04automated: linux: initial ota update testVishal Bhoj
2018-08-31LTP: skiplist updated for qemu_i386 and i386Naresh Kamboju
2018-08-31LTP: skip known failure cve-2014-0196 on db410cNaresh Kamboju
2018-08-30kselftest: Adding i386 and qemu_i386 device entries for skipfileNaresh Kamboju
2018-08-30LTP: update skipfile for i386Naresh Kamboju
2018-08-29Merge "add noninteractive tradefed test wrapper"Chase Qi
2018-08-29add noninteractive tradefed test wrapperVishal Bhoj
2018-08-27LTP: adding qemu_i386 device for skipfileNaresh Kamboju