BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
erp-17.08linux: unixbench: fix a typo on logfile nameChase Qi16 months
erp-18.01sh-test-lib: Don't run apt-get update every timeDan Rue12 months
erp-18.06ERP: ltp: skip msgctl11Chase Qi6 months
masternetwork-basic: download short file to save download timeNaresh Kamboju26 hours
2018.11test-definitions-2018.11.tar.gz  Chase Qi4 weeks
2018.10test-definitions-2018.10.tar.gz  Chase Qi8 weeks
2018.08test-definitions-2018.08.tar.gz  Chase Qi4 months
rpb-16.12test-definitions-rpb-16.12.tar.gz  Milosz Wasilewski2 years
2016.03test-definitions-2016.03.tar.gz  Milosz Wasilewski3 years
2016.01test-definitions-2016.01.tar.gz  Milosz Wasilewski3 years
2015.11test-definitions-2015.11.tar.gz  Milosz Wasilewski3 years
2015.09test-definitions-2015.09.tar.gz  Milosz Wasilewski3 years
2015.08test-definitions-2015.08.tar.gz  Milosz Wasilewski3 years
2015.07test-definitions-2015.07.tar.gz  Naresh Kamboju3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
26 hoursnetwork-basic: download short file to save download timeHEADmasterNaresh Kamboju
2 daysAdd utility yaml files to facilitate waiting for device availabilityKarsten Tausche
2 daysAdd network related Android library functionsKarsten Tausche
2 daysMerge "Hide shell variables in local function scope"Milosz Wasilewski
5 daysHide shell variables in local function scopeKarsten Tausche
5 daysautomated/android/tradefed: fix pep8 warningsMilosz Wasilewski
5 daysautomated/android/tradefed: define class constantsMilosz Wasilewski
5 daysMerge "Extract from"Milosz Wasilewski
5 daysMerge "automated/linux/ptest: Analyze each test in package tests"Milosz Wasilewski
5 daysMerge "Add"Milosz Wasilewski