AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-12-09rt-app: update cpufreq governor efficiencylinaro_wipVincent Guittot
2015-10-23rt-app: optimize run interfaceVincent Guittot
2015-10-23rt-app: fix deadline parameters namingVincent Guittot
2015-10-23rt-app: Add static cross compilation descriptionVincent Guittot
2015-10-23rt-app: fix syscall number definitionVincent Guittot
2015-10-23rt-app: conditionally compile libdlVincent Guittot
2015-10-21rt-app: remove conditional dependency with libjson-cVincent Guittot
2015-10-21rt-app: add json bits header fileVincent Guittot
2015-09-14rt-app: fix deadlockVincent Guittot
2015-08-24workgen: Add IO-bounded and memory-bounded eventslinaro-v1.0Vincent Guittot
2015-08-24rt-app: few minor fixesVincent Guittot
2015-08-24rt-app: add log buffer in memoryVincent Guittot
2015-08-24rt-app: update spreading tasks exampleVincent Guittot
2015-08-11rt-app: reset timer that overrunsVincent Guittot
2015-08-03rt-app: add duration parameter in tune_json.pyVincent Guittot
2015-08-03rt-app: fix commentsVincent Guittot
2015-07-03workgen: Add video playback use casesVincent Guittot
2015-06-24doc: measure the efficiency of cpufreq governorsXunlei Pang
2015-05-29rt-app: add a template fileVincent Guittot
2015-05-29rt-app: fix calibration issue on mt8173Vincent Guittot
2015-05-18rt-app: remove useless commaLocal account frq07285
2015-05-18rt-app: Add a script to tune parameters in json filepi-cheng.chen
2015-05-18rt-app: add new spreading-tasks.jsonXunlei Pang
2015-03-24rt-app: fix mem leakVincent Guittot
2015-03-24rt-app: fix timer and multi instance issueVincent Guittot
2015-03-24rt-app: remove unused variablesVincent Guittot
2015-03-24workgen: add a tutorialVincent Guittot
2015-03-24rt-app: update tutorial examplesVincent Guittot
2015-03-24rt-app: fix ftrace logVincent Guittot
2015-03-24rt-app: fix files' name for multi instance threadVincent Guittot
2015-03-24rt-app: fix resume with multi instanceVincent Guittot
2015-03-24rt-app: fix timer initVincent Guittot
2015-03-24workgen: fix trailing commaVincent Guittot
2015-03-24rt-app: update use case filesVincent Guittot
2015-03-24rt-app: fix mp3 use caseVincent Guittot
2015-03-24doc: move examples filesVincent Guittot
2015-01-12rt-app: Update autogen.shVincent Guittot
2015-01-12rt-app: remove use of deprecated json interfaceVincent Guittot
2015-01-12fixup json-c dependenciesIvan T. Ivanov
2015-01-12rt-app: fix warningVincent Guittot
2014-12-15rt-app: use per instance timerVincent Guittot
2014-11-20rt-app: add instance parameterVincent Guittot
2014-11-20rt-app: Fix all trailing commas in /doc/examples/*pi-cheng.chen
2014-11-14fix suspend event definitionsIvan T. Ivanov
2014-11-14rt-app: fix log file valueVincent Guittot
2014-11-04add a dry run option for workgenVincent Guittot
2014-10-02fix default logdirVincent Guittot
2014-09-24update example fileVincent Guittot
2014-09-24handle simple suspend commandVincent Guittot
2014-09-24update test file with new grammarVincent Guittot