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+AdvanSys (Advanced System Products, Inc.) manufactures the following
+RISC-based, Bus-Mastering, Fast (10 Mhz) and Ultra (20 Mhz) Narrow
+(8-bit transfer) SCSI Host Adapters for the ISA, EISA, VL, and PCI
+buses and RISC-based, Bus-Mastering, Ultra (20 Mhz) Wide (16-bit
+transfer) SCSI Host Adapters for the PCI bus.
+The CDB counts below indicate the number of SCSI CDB (Command
+Descriptor Block) requests that can be stored in the RISC chip
+cache and board LRAM. A CDB is a single SCSI command. The driver
+detect routine will display the number of CDBs available for each
+adapter detected. The number of CDBs used by the driver can be
+lowered in the BIOS by changing the 'Host Queue Size' adapter setting.
+Laptop Products:
+ ABP-480 - Bus-Master CardBus (16 CDB)
+Connectivity Products:
+ ABP510/5150 - Bus-Master ISA (240 CDB)
+ ABP5140 - Bus-Master ISA PnP (16 CDB)
+ ABP5142 - Bus-Master ISA PnP with floppy (16 CDB)
+ ABP902/3902 - Bus-Master PCI (16 CDB)
+ ABP3905 - Bus-Master PCI (16 CDB)
+ ABP915 - Bus-Master PCI (16 CDB)
+ ABP920 - Bus-Master PCI (16 CDB)
+ ABP3922 - Bus-Master PCI (16 CDB)
+ ABP3925 - Bus-Master PCI (16 CDB)
+ ABP930 - Bus-Master PCI (16 CDB)
+ ABP930U - Bus-Master PCI Ultra (16 CDB)
+ ABP930UA - Bus-Master PCI Ultra (16 CDB)
+ ABP960 - Bus-Master PCI MAC/PC (16 CDB)
+ ABP960U - Bus-Master PCI MAC/PC Ultra (16 CDB)
+Single Channel Products:
+ ABP542 - Bus-Master ISA with floppy (240 CDB)
+ ABP742 - Bus-Master EISA (240 CDB)
+ ABP842 - Bus-Master VL (240 CDB)
+ ABP940 - Bus-Master PCI (240 CDB)
+ ABP940U - Bus-Master PCI Ultra (240 CDB)
+ ABP940UA/3940UA - Bus-Master PCI Ultra (240 CDB)
+ ABP970 - Bus-Master PCI MAC/PC (240 CDB)
+ ABP970U - Bus-Master PCI MAC/PC Ultra (240 CDB)
+ ABP3960UA - Bus-Master PCI MAC/PC Ultra (240 CDB)
+ ABP940UW/3940UW - Bus-Master PCI Ultra-Wide (253 CDB)
+ ABP970UW - Bus-Master PCI MAC/PC Ultra-Wide (253 CDB)
+ ABP3940U2W - Bus-Master PCI LVD/Ultra2-Wide (253 CDB)
+Multi-Channel Products:
+ ABP752 - Dual Channel Bus-Master EISA (240 CDB Per Channel)
+ ABP852 - Dual Channel Bus-Master VL (240 CDB Per Channel)
+ ABP950 - Dual Channel Bus-Master PCI (240 CDB Per Channel)
+ ABP950UW - Dual Channel Bus-Master PCI Ultra-Wide (253 CDB Per Channel)
+ ABP980 - Four Channel Bus-Master PCI (240 CDB Per Channel)
+ ABP980U - Four Channel Bus-Master PCI Ultra (240 CDB Per Channel)
+ ABP980UA/3980UA - Four Channel Bus-Master PCI Ultra (16 CDB Per Chan.)
+ ABP3950U2W - Bus-Master PCI LVD/Ultra2-Wide and Ultra-Wide (253 CDB)
+ ABP3950U3W - Bus-Master PCI Dual LVD2/Ultra3-Wide (253 CDB)
+Driver Compile Time Options and Debugging
+The following constants can be defined in the source file.
+1. ADVANSYS_ASSERT - Enable driver assertions (Def: Enabled)
+ Enabling this option adds assertion logic statements to the
+ driver. If an assertion fails a message will be displayed to
+ the console, but the system will continue to operate. Any
+ assertions encountered should be reported to the person
+ responsible for the driver. Assertion statements may proactively
+ detect problems with the driver and facilitate fixing these
+ problems. Enabling assertions will add a small overhead to the
+ execution of the driver.
+2. ADVANSYS_DEBUG - Enable driver debugging (Def: Disabled)
+ Enabling this option adds tracing functions to the driver and the
+ ability to set a driver tracing level at boot time. This option is
+ very useful for debugging the driver, but it will add to the size
+ of the driver execution image and add overhead to the execution of
+ the driver.
+ The amount of debugging output can be controlled with the global
+ variable 'asc_dbglvl'. The higher the number the more output. By
+ default the debug level is 0.
+ If the driver is loaded at boot time and the LILO Driver Option
+ is included in the system, the debug level can be changed by
+ specifying a 5th (ASC_NUM_IOPORT_PROBE + 1) I/O Port. The
+ first three hex digits of the pseudo I/O Port must be set to
+ 'deb' and the fourth hex digit specifies the debug level: 0 - F.
+ The following command line will look for an adapter at 0x330
+ and set the debug level to 2.
+ linux advansys=0x330,0,0,0,0xdeb2
+ If the driver is built as a loadable module this variable can be
+ defined when the driver is loaded. The following insmod command
+ will set the debug level to one.
+ insmod advansys.o asc_dbglvl=1
+ Debugging Message Levels:
+ 0: Errors Only
+ 1: High-Level Tracing
+ 2-N: Verbose Tracing
+ To enable debug output to console, please make sure that:
+ a. System and kernel logging is enabled (syslogd, klogd running).
+ b. Kernel messages are routed to console output. Check
+ /etc/syslog.conf for an entry similar to this:
+ kern.* /dev/console
+ c. klogd is started with the appropriate -c parameter
+ (e.g. klogd -c 8)
+ This will cause printk() messages to be be displayed on the
+ current console. Refer to the klogd(8) and syslogd(8) man pages
+ for details.
+ Alternatively you can enable printk() to console with this
+ program. However, this is not the 'official' way to do this.
+ Debug output is logged in /var/log/messages.
+ main()
+ {
+ syscall(103, 7, 0, 0);
+ }
+ Increasing LOG_BUF_LEN in kernel/printk.c to something like
+ 40960 allows more debug messages to be buffered in the kernel
+ and written to the console or log file.
+3. ADVANSYS_STATS - Enable statistics (Def: Enabled)
+ Enabling this option adds statistics collection and display
+ through /proc to the driver. The information is useful for
+ monitoring driver and device performance. It will add to the
+ size of the driver execution image and add minor overhead to
+ the execution of the driver.
+ Statistics are maintained on a per adapter basis. Driver entry
+ point call counts and transfer size counts are maintained.
+ Statistics are only available for kernels greater than or equal
+ to v1.3.0 with the CONFIG_PROC_FS (/proc) file system configured.
+ AdvanSys SCSI adapter files have the following path name format:
+ /proc/scsi/advansys/{0,1,2,3,...}
+ This information can be displayed with cat. For example:
+ cat /proc/scsi/advansys/0
+ When ADVANSYS_STATS is not defined the AdvanSys /proc files only
+ contain adapter and device configuration information.
+Driver LILO Option
+If init/main.c is modified as described in the 'Directions for Adding
+the AdvanSys Driver to Linux' section (B.4.) above, the driver will
+recognize the 'advansys' LILO command line and /etc/lilo.conf option.
+This option can be used to either disable I/O port scanning or to limit
+scanning to 1 - 4 I/O ports. Regardless of the option setting EISA and
+PCI boards will still be searched for and detected. This option only
+affects searching for ISA and VL boards.
+ 1. Eliminate I/O port scanning:
+ boot: linux advansys=
+ or
+ boot: linux advansys=0x0
+ 2. Limit I/O port scanning to one I/O port:
+ boot: linux advansys=0x110
+ 3. Limit I/O port scanning to four I/O ports:
+ boot: linux advansys=0x110,0x210,0x230,0x330
+For a loadable module the same effect can be achieved by setting
+the 'asc_iopflag' variable and 'asc_ioport' array when loading
+the driver, e.g.
+ insmod advansys.o asc_iopflag=1 asc_ioport=0x110,0x330
+If ADVANSYS_DEBUG is defined a 5th (ASC_NUM_IOPORT_PROBE + 1)
+I/O Port may be added to specify the driver debug level. Refer to
+the 'Driver Compile Time Options and Debugging' section above for
+more information.
+Credits (Chronological Order)
+Bob Frey <bfrey@turbolinux.com.cn> wrote the AdvanSys SCSI driver
+and maintained it up to 3.3F. He continues to answer questions
+and help maintain the driver.
+Nathan Hartwell <mage@cdc3.cdc.net> provided the directions and
+basis for the Linux v1.3.X changes which were included in the
+1.2 release.
+Thomas E Zerucha <zerucha@shell.portal.com> pointed out a bug
+in advansys_biosparam() which was fixed in the 1.3 release.
+Erik Ratcliffe <erik@caldera.com> has done testing of the
+AdvanSys driver in the Caldera releases.
+Rik van Riel <H.H.vanRiel@fys.ruu.nl> provided a patch to
+AscWaitTixISRDone() which he found necessary to make the
+driver work with a SCSI-1 disk.
+Mark Moran <mmoran@mmoran.com> has helped test Ultra-Wide
+support in the 3.1A driver.
+Doug Gilbert <dgilbert@interlog.com> has made changes and
+suggestions to improve the driver and done a lot of testing.
+Ken Mort <ken@mort.net> reported a DEBUG compile bug fixed
+in 3.2K.
+Tom Rini <trini@kernel.crashing.org> provided the CONFIG_ISA
+patch and helped with PowerPC wide and narrow board support.
+Philip Blundell <philb@gnu.org> provided an
+advansys_interrupts_enabled patch.
+Dave Jones <dave@denial.force9.co.uk> reported the compiler
+warnings generated when CONFIG_PROC_FS was not defined in
+the 3.2M driver.
+Jerry Quinn <jlquinn@us.ibm.com> fixed PowerPC support (endian
+problems) for wide cards.
+Bryan Henderson <bryanh@giraffe-data.com> helped debug narrow
+card error handling.
+Manuel Veloso <veloso@pobox.com> worked hard on PowerPC narrow
+board support and fixed a bug in AscGetEEPConfig().
+Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo <acme@conectiva.com.br> made
+save_flags/restore_flags changes.
+Andy Kellner <AKellner@connectcom.net> continued the Advansys SCSI
+driver development for ConnectCom (Version > 3.3F).
+Ken Witherow for extensive testing during the development of version 3.4.