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+Kernel driver max34440
+Supported chips:
+ * Maxim MAX34440
+ Prefixes: 'max34440'
+ Addresses scanned: -
+ Datasheet: http://datasheets.maxim-ic.com/en/ds/MAX34440.pdf
+ * Maxim MAX34441
+ PMBus 5-Channel Power-Supply Manager and Intelligent Fan Controller
+ Prefixes: 'max34441'
+ Addresses scanned: -
+ Datasheet: http://datasheets.maxim-ic.com/en/ds/MAX34441.pdf
+ * Maxim MAX34446
+ PMBus Power-Supply Data Logger
+ Prefixes: 'max34446'
+ Addresses scanned: -
+ Datasheet: http://datasheets.maxim-ic.com/en/ds/MAX34446.pdf
+ * Maxim MAX34460
+ PMBus 12-Channel Voltage Monitor & Sequencer
+ Prefix: 'max34460'
+ Addresses scanned: -
+ Datasheet: http://datasheets.maximintegrated.com/en/ds/MAX34460.pdf
+ * Maxim MAX34461
+ PMBus 16-Channel Voltage Monitor & Sequencer
+ Prefix: 'max34461'
+ Addresses scanned: -
+ Datasheet: http://datasheets.maximintegrated.com/en/ds/MAX34461.pdf
+Author: Guenter Roeck <linux@roeck-us.net>
+This driver supports hardware montoring for Maxim MAX34440 PMBus 6-Channel
+Power-Supply Manager, MAX34441 PMBus 5-Channel Power-Supply Manager
+and Intelligent Fan Controller, and MAX34446 PMBus Power-Supply Data Logger.
+It also supports the MAX34460 and MAX34461 PMBus Voltage Monitor & Sequencers.
+The MAX34460 supports 12 voltage channels, and the MAX34461 supports 16 voltage
+The driver is a client driver to the core PMBus driver. Please see
+Documentation/hwmon/pmbus for details on PMBus client drivers.
+Usage Notes
+This driver does not auto-detect devices. You will have to instantiate the
+devices explicitly. Please see Documentation/i2c/instantiating-devices for
+For MAX34446, the value of the currX_crit attribute determines if current or
+voltage measurement is enabled for a given channel. Voltage measurement is
+enabled if currX_crit is set to 0; current measurement is enabled if the
+attribute is set to a positive value. Power measurement is only enabled if
+channel 1 (3) is configured for voltage measurement, and channel 2 (4) is
+configured for current measurement.
+Platform data support
+The driver supports standard PMBus driver platform data.
+Sysfs entries
+The following attributes are supported. Limits are read-write; all other
+attributes are read-only.
+in[1-6]_label "vout[1-6]".
+in[1-6]_input Measured voltage. From READ_VOUT register.
+in[1-6]_min Minimum Voltage. From VOUT_UV_WARN_LIMIT register.
+in[1-6]_max Maximum voltage. From VOUT_OV_WARN_LIMIT register.
+in[1-6]_lcrit Critical minimum Voltage. VOUT_UV_FAULT_LIMIT register.
+in[1-6]_crit Critical maximum voltage. From VOUT_OV_FAULT_LIMIT register.
+in[1-6]_min_alarm Voltage low alarm. From VOLTAGE_UV_WARNING status.
+in[1-6]_max_alarm Voltage high alarm. From VOLTAGE_OV_WARNING status.
+in[1-6]_lcrit_alarm Voltage critical low alarm. From VOLTAGE_UV_FAULT status.
+in[1-6]_crit_alarm Voltage critical high alarm. From VOLTAGE_OV_FAULT status.
+in[1-6]_lowest Historical minimum voltage.
+in[1-6]_highest Historical maximum voltage.
+in[1-6]_reset_history Write any value to reset history.
+ MAX34446 only supports in[1-4].
+curr[1-6]_label "iout[1-6]".
+curr[1-6]_input Measured current. From READ_IOUT register.
+curr[1-6]_max Maximum current. From IOUT_OC_WARN_LIMIT register.
+curr[1-6]_crit Critical maximum current. From IOUT_OC_FAULT_LIMIT register.
+curr[1-6]_max_alarm Current high alarm. From IOUT_OC_WARNING status.
+curr[1-6]_crit_alarm Current critical high alarm. From IOUT_OC_FAULT status.
+curr[1-4]_average Historical average current (MAX34446 only).
+curr[1-6]_highest Historical maximum current.
+curr[1-6]_reset_history Write any value to reset history.
+ in6 and curr6 attributes only exist for MAX34440.
+ MAX34446 only supports curr[1-4].
+power[1,3]_label "pout[1,3]"
+power[1,3]_input Measured power.
+power[1,3]_average Historical average power.
+power[1,3]_highest Historical maximum power.
+ Power attributes only exist for MAX34446.
+temp[1-8]_input Measured temperatures. From READ_TEMPERATURE_1 register.
+ temp1 is the chip's internal temperature. temp2..temp5
+ are remote I2C temperature sensors. For MAX34441, temp6
+ is a remote thermal-diode sensor. For MAX34440, temp6..8
+ are remote I2C temperature sensors.
+temp[1-8]_max Maximum temperature. From OT_WARN_LIMIT register.
+temp[1-8]_crit Critical high temperature. From OT_FAULT_LIMIT register.
+temp[1-8]_max_alarm Temperature high alarm.
+temp[1-8]_crit_alarm Temperature critical high alarm.
+temp[1-8]_average Historical average temperature (MAX34446 only).
+temp[1-8]_highest Historical maximum temperature.
+temp[1-8]_reset_history Write any value to reset history.
+ temp7 and temp8 attributes only exist for MAX34440.
+ MAX34446 only supports temp[1-3].
+MAX34460 supports attribute groups in[1-12] and temp[1-5].
+MAX34461 supports attribute groups in[1-16] and temp[1-5].