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+ Network Block Device (TCP version)
+ What is it: With this compiled in the kernel (or as a module), Linux
+ can use a remote server as one of its block devices. So every time
+ the client computer wants to read, e.g., /dev/nb0, it sends a
+ request over TCP to the server, which will reply with the data read.
+ This can be used for stations with low disk space (or even diskless)
+ to borrow disk space from another computer.
+ Unlike NFS, it is possible to put any filesystem on it, etc.
+ For more information, or to download the nbd-client and nbd-server
+ tools, go to http://nbd.sf.net/.
+ The nbd kernel module need only be installed on the client
+ system, as the nbd-server is completely in userspace. In fact,
+ the nbd-server has been successfully ported to other operating
+ systems, including Windows.