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+What: /sys/firmware/sgi_uv/
+Date: August 2008
+Contact: Russ Anderson <rja@sgi.com>
+ The /sys/firmware/sgi_uv directory contains information
+ about the SGI UV platform.
+ Under that directory are a number of files:
+ partition_id
+ coherence_id
+ The partition_id entry contains the partition id.
+ SGI UV systems can be partitioned into multiple physical
+ machines, which each partition running a unique copy
+ of the operating system. Each partition will have a unique
+ partition id. To display the partition id, use the command:
+ cat /sys/firmware/sgi_uv/partition_id
+ The coherence_id entry contains the coherence id.
+ A partitioned SGI UV system can have one or more coherence
+ domain. The coherence id indicates which coherence domain
+ this partition is in. To display the coherence id, use the
+ command:
+ cat /sys/firmware/sgi_uv/coherence_id