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+Linux* Base Driver for Intel(R) Network Connection
+Intel Gigabit Linux driver.
+Copyright(c) 1999 - 2010 Intel Corporation.
+- Identifying Your Adapter
+- Additional Configurations
+- Support
+This file describes the igbvf Linux* Base Driver for Intel Network Connection.
+The igbvf driver supports 82576-based virtual function devices that can only
+be activated on kernels that support SR-IOV. SR-IOV requires the correct
+platform and OS support.
+The igbvf driver requires the igb driver, version 2.0 or later. The igbvf
+driver supports virtual functions generated by the igb driver with a max_vfs
+value of 1 or greater. For more information on the max_vfs parameter refer
+to the README included with the igb driver.
+The guest OS loading the igbvf driver must support MSI-X interrupts.
+This driver is only supported as a loadable module at this time. Intel is
+not supplying patches against the kernel source to allow for static linking
+of the driver. For questions related to hardware requirements, refer to the
+documentation supplied with your Intel Gigabit adapter. All hardware
+requirements listed apply to use with Linux.
+Instructions on updating ethtool can be found in the section "Additional
+Configurations" later in this document.
+VLANs: There is a limit of a total of 32 shared VLANs to 1 or more VFs.
+Identifying Your Adapter
+The igbvf driver supports 82576-based virtual function devices that can only
+be activated on kernels that support SR-IOV.
+For more information on how to identify your adapter, go to the Adapter &
+Driver ID Guide at:
+ http://support.intel.com/support/go/network/adapter/idguide.htm
+For the latest Intel network drivers for Linux, refer to the following
+website. In the search field, enter your adapter name or type, or use the
+networking link on the left to search for your adapter:
+ http://downloadcenter.intel.com/scripts-df-external/Support_Intel.aspx
+Additional Configurations
+ Ethtool
+ -------
+ The driver utilizes the ethtool interface for driver configuration and
+ diagnostics, as well as displaying statistical information. The ethtool
+ version 3.0 or later is required for this functionality, although we
+ strongly recommend downloading the latest version at:
+ http://ftp.kernel.org/pub/software/network/ethtool/
+For general information, go to the Intel support website at:
+ http://support.intel.com
+or the Intel Wired Networking project hosted by Sourceforge at:
+ http://sourceforge.net/projects/e1000
+If an issue is identified with the released source code on the supported
+kernel with a supported adapter, email the specific information related
+to the issue to e1000-devel@lists.sf.net