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+Kernel driver scx200_acb
+Author: Christer Weinigel <wingel@nano-system.com>
+The driver supersedes the older, never merged driver named i2c-nscacb.
+Module Parameters
+* base: up to 4 ints
+ Base addresses for the ACCESS.bus controllers on SCx200 and SC1100 devices
+ By default the driver uses two base addresses 0x820 and 0x840.
+ If you want only one base address, specify the second as 0 so as to
+ override this default.
+Enable the use of the ACCESS.bus controller on the Geode SCx200 and
+SC1100 processors and the CS5535 and CS5536 Geode companion devices.
+Device-specific notes
+The SC1100 WRAP boards are known to use base addresses 0x810 and 0x820.
+If the scx200_acb driver is built into the kernel, add the following
+parameter to your boot command line:
+ scx200_acb.base=0x810,0x820
+If the scx200_acb driver is built as a module, add the following line to
+a configuration file in /etc/modprobe.d/ instead:
+ options scx200_acb base=0x810,0x820