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readme: added information on operation of configfs
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@@ -3,3 +3,15 @@ Before compiling the program, you must change the items below accroding to your
- 'CROSS_COMPILE' in Makefile
- STM device name in stm_user_api.h
- TMC device name in stm_user_api.h
+And then you may need to mount configfs manually:
+mount -t configfs none /config
+Create policy directory for STM:
+mkdir /config/stp-policy/10006000.stm.abc
+The STM directory name consists of the device name to which it applies and the actual policy name,
+separated by a dot.
+The device name (say 10006000.stm) have to be matched the name of STM device under /dev.
+The suffix is a random string without any dot