BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterreport/ update cts job name with full abi infoYongqin Liu33 hours
AgeCommit messageAuthor
33 hoursreport/ update cts job name with full abi infoHEADmasterYongqin Liu
2018-06-27add workaround when there are multiple record for one test case resultYongqin Liu
2018-05-21update method to get kernel version for x15Yongqin Liu
2018-05-21set tip to use first.second when loginYongqin Liu
2018-05-21update to set linaro login for user account authenticationYongqin Liu
2018-05-12use lava settings from database instead of hardcodedYongqin Liu
2018-05-12update to use postgresxYongqin Liu
2018-03-15fix the filter logic for bug listYongqin Liu
2018-03-14fix bugs and comments display logicYongqin Liu
2018-03-13add support for monkey tests and glbenchmark25 for hikey buildYongqin Liu