BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterHACK: exynos: mipi: hack to make s6e8aa0 panel work with CDFVikas Sajjan6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2013-02-18HACK: exynos: mipi: hack to make s6e8aa0 panel work with CDFHEADmasterVikas Sajjan
2013-02-18video: exynos: Making s6e8ax0 panel driver compliant with CDFVikas Sajjan
2013-02-18video: exynos: mipi dsi: Making Exynos MIPI Compliant with CDFVikas Sajjan
2013-02-18video: display: Adding frame related ops to MIPI DSI video source structVikas Sajjan
2013-02-18video: add taal panelTomi Valkeinen
2013-02-18video: add generic dvi monitorTomi Valkeinen
2013-02-18video: add makefile & kconfigTomi Valkeinen
2013-02-18video: add generic dpi panelTomi Valkeinen
2013-02-18video: add display-coreTomi Valkeinen
2013-02-14exynos: mipi: adds platfrom data to s6e8aa0 panel driverVikas Sajjan