AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-11-20ucm:Lenovo-YOGA-C630-13Q50: add microphone supportDB845cSrinivas Kandagatla
2019-10-31ucm: DB845c: adjust default volume of speakersSrinivas Kandagatla
2019-10-24ucm: DB845c: remove headphones for nowSrinivas Kandagatla
2019-10-24ucm: DB845c: update volume controlsSrinivas Kandagatla
2019-10-18Lenovo-YOGA-C630-13Q50: Add ucm for Speaker and HeadsetSrinivas Kandagatla
2019-10-18DB845c: Add headset mixer controlsSrinivas Kandagatla
2019-09-20WIP: make card name explicitSrinivas Kandagatla
2019-09-19DB845c: fix DefaultsSrinivas Kandagatla
2019-07-04ucm: Add: ucm files for DB845c analog audioSrinivas Kandagatla
2019-04-17ucm: Add: ucm files for DB845c HDMI audioSrinivas Kandagatla
2019-01-29conf/ucm: Add ucm files for DB820c boardSrinivas Kandagatla
2019-01-25Revert "conf/ucm: Add a UCM profile for Dell WD19 Dock USB-audio"Jaroslav Kysela
2019-01-25conf/ucm: Add a UCM profile for Dell WD19 Dock USB-audioHui Wang
2019-01-09pcm: Preserve period_event in snd_pcm_hw_sw_params() callTakashi Iwai
2019-01-07Release v1.1.8Jaroslav Kysela
2019-01-07conf: rename snd_conf_load1() to _snd_config_load_with_include()Jaroslav Kysela
2019-01-07conf/ucm: bytcht-es8316: Add long-name UCM profilesHans de Goede
2019-01-07conf/ucm: Add UCM profile for bytcht-es8316 boardsHans de Goede
2019-01-07Create device component for rt5645 Internal Analog Mic UCMRussell Parker
2019-01-07Factor out rt5645 variants Headset+Digital Mic UCM shared {en,dis}able sequencesRussell Parker
2019-01-07Factor out rt5645 variants Speaker+Headphones shared UCM enable sequencesRussell Parker
2019-01-07Create shared {En,Dis}ableSeq.conf components for rt5645 variantsRussell Parker
2019-01-07Update chtrt5645 ucm variants to use bytcr/PlatformEnableSeq.conf componentRussell Parker
2019-01-07control: fix the assert() in snd_ctl_elem_set_bytesJaroslav Kysela
2019-01-01conf/ucm: bytcr-rt5651: Document mono speaker wiringHans de Goede
2019-01-01conf/ucm: bytcr-rt5651: Add bytcr-rt5651-stereo-spk-dmic-mic configHans de Goede
2019-01-01conf/ucm: bytcr-rt5651: Add digital mic supportHans de Goede
2019-01-01conf/ucm: bytcr-rt5651: Add support for a headset-mic on IN2Hans de Goede
2019-01-01conf/ucm: bytcr-rt5651: Enable Stereo? ADC MIXL ADC? switches when enabling i...Hans de Goede
2019-01-01conf/ucm: kblrt5660: Add ucm setting for Dell Edge IoT platformHui Wang
2018-12-30conf/ucm: chtrt5650: Add UCM config for chtrt5650Russell Parker
2018-12-19pcm: ioplug: Fix the regression of pulse plugin drainTakashi Iwai
2018-12-10pcm: extplug: Keep format and channels the same if requestedTimo Wischer
2018-11-29ucm: Set default include pathTakashi Iwai
2018-11-28conf: Move UCM profile snippets into components subdirectoryTakashi Iwai
2018-11-28conf: USB-Audio: Add Dell WD19 Dock in the IEC958 blacklistHui Wang
2018-11-21pcm: dshare: Fix segfault when not binding channel 0Kirill Marinushkin
2018-11-13pcm: dmix: Add option to allow alignment of slave pointersLaxmi Devi
2018-11-02utils/alsa.m4: conditionally enable libdl in AM_PATH_ALSA m4 macroThomas De Schampheleire
2018-10-24README.md: add link to www.alsa-project.orgJaroslav Kysela
2018-10-24initial version of README.md for githubJaroslav Kysela
2018-10-24initial version of .travis.yml fileJaroslav Kysela
2018-10-24pcm: interval: Interpret (x x+1] correctly and return x+1Timo Wischer
2018-10-24test/audio_time: remove unused variablesJaroslav Kysela
2018-10-24test: rename code to more approriate mixtestJaroslav Kysela
2018-10-24test/code: make it work againJaroslav Kysela
2018-10-24test/latecy: fix typo in tstamp compareJaroslav Kysela
2018-10-18conf/ucm/Dell-WD15-Dock: Fix incorrect device namesTakashi Iwai
2018-10-16Release v1.1.7Jaroslav Kysela
2018-10-02ioplug: Fix comment in struct snd_pcm_ioplugAndre Guedes