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masterRevert the previous changes.Senthil Kumaran6 years
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2012-11-21Revert the previous changes.HEADmasterSenthil Kumaran
2012-11-21Modify test definition to use lava-test-case.Senthil Kumaran
2012-11-15Make the ls command more descriptive in the test definition.Senthil Kumaran
2012-11-12Change the test name to reflect that this test is sourced from git.Senthil Kumaran
2012-11-12Modify testdef.yaml to consume the test scripts, and give executableSenthil Kumaran
2012-11-12Add test scripts which will be consumed by the test definitions.Senthil Kumaran
2012-11-12Add a sample test definition yaml file.Senthil Kumaran