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masterImplement changes suggested by Riku.Senthil Kumaran S5 months
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2018-02-01Implement changes suggested by Riku.HEADmasterSenthil Kumaran S
2017-12-28Finalize dockerfile for lava-dispatcher.Senthil Kumaran S
2017-12-27Complete the entrypoint script and add notes on how to invoke docker.Senthil Kumaran S
2017-12-17Add Dockerfile for lava-dispatcher only image.Senthil Kumaran S
2017-11-10jessie_2017.10/Dockerfile: Fix some apt commands.Senthil Kumaran S
2017-11-10Add an installation script to install Docker CE in Debian.Senthil Kumaran S
2017-11-10jessie_2017.10/Dockerfile: Add correct apt command.Senthil Kumaran S
2017-11-09Initial commit.Senthil Kumaran S