BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
benchmarkingRemoved redundant tool checkout for speckkugan.vivekanandarajah5 years
configureAdd Arch Linux detection to configure.acRenato Golin5 years
file_protocolAdd dry-run around configure and mkdir in lib/configure.sh and lib/stamp.sh r...Ryan S. Arnold5 years
file_protocol_v2Add file:// protocol support for git/svn/.tar.gz/unpacked tar directory.Ryan S. Arnold5 years
gerrituse 7.6 branch as latestRob Savoye5 years
llvmparallel is cmdline opt, grep Error catching filenames, make docs/check-all f...Renato Golin5 years
mastermkdir the remote directory before trying to copy files into itRob Savoye5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-05-14mkdir the remote directory before trying to copy files into itHEADmasterRob Savoye
2014-05-14armeb, not armbeRob Savoye
2014-05-14add big endian sysroot for qemu-aarch64Rob Savoye
2014-05-14drop the ~ from the revision string.Rob Savoye
2014-05-14set dir= after getting the GCC revision.Rob Savoye
2014-05-14do a rset --hard instead of stashRob Savoye
2014-05-14reduce the number of little files that get built to mimic cbuildv1Rob Savoye
2014-05-14toplevel.txt file renamed to make.logRob Savoye
2014-05-14fix path, files don't go in /space anymoreRob Savoye
2014-05-14fix path for tcwgweb.shRob Savoye