tag namepull-target-arm-20180615 (36208892ffd236bd3846bff62c95643ad255e07a)
tag date2018-06-15 15:23:46 +0100
tagged byPeter Maydell <peter.maydell@linaro.org>
tagged objectcommit 14120108f8...
target-arm and miscellaneous queue:
* fix KVM state save/restore for GICv3 priority registers for high IRQ numbers * hw/arm/mps2-tz: Put ethernet controller behind PPC * hw/sh/sh7750: Convert away from old_mmio * hw/m68k/mcf5206: Convert away from old_mmio * hw/block/pflash_cfi02: Convert away from old_mmio * hw/watchdog/wdt_i6300esb: Convert away from old_mmio * hw/input/pckbd: Convert away from old_mmio * hw/char/parallel: Convert away from old_mmio * armv7m: refactor to get rid of armv7m_init() function * arm: Don't crash if user tries to use a Cortex-M CPU without an NVIC * hw/core/or-irq: Support more than 16 inputs to an OR gate * cpu-defs.h: Document CPUIOTLBEntry 'addr' field * cputlb: Pass cpu_transaction_failed() the correct physaddr * CODING_STYLE: Define our preferred form for multiline comments * Add and use new stn_*_p() and ldn_*_p() memory access functions * target/arm: More parts of the upcoming SVE support * aspeed_scu: Implement RNG register * m25p80: add support for two bytes WRSR for Macronix chips * exec.c: Handle IOMMUs being in the path of TCG CPU memory accesses * target/arm: Allow ARMv6-M Thumb2 instructions -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1 iQIcBAABCAAGBQJbI8wDAAoJEDwlJe0UNgze8acP/i3q3aGcb4b+FwWogktqVC+h +eY+T0dQC0ohGjWMvR8jk4h7Gh75zpvH5CO0Oh7u8JqOBTEvPllvCatcqYJ36Vik +spqdNr94yW7M5GKMl1+vJdQNv5SejuUg5EdwVdk2bJlObuVIfQDCAAi0DaW443B iJaUrIxVP06DeVjPvSG+WVgP+N3BualHURXBdH6h23gZeftWZ3iDMPELPYuLbUOF LF1N/w/rtvx0qOzr7VBdsSEdEyFFli5B5Pv4+xiCfgKTBu9cm+ima0NXPPv4Wcaw 322LQvvQBDEVT3AWP6oPLfXmpNjmCe73G73ncInWiN8pESe8O6T0aJk6vAk6WP5A UDGtHGw4H6jCDFn28W/Sl/vHVV6qdd8PFDAlomEBNhy2j4jqMW4xPPu2mMprLV1L 6aYsENCxgg7kIBmJlMiO710MdLvIBcVL1eWILTG82fvKmb4qwbJ1r4PInGBOxM6s LGB14JSvgfsKqlxZPjD6oNXOyxbTdeU72YIBMCUhBD5/8B1zFk8MKofhVy2Z50QA yxwjBlJL/g1xLMM0WdED9F7SeZKCjaJK+VZF+5qwvvmA0VL9QPsxXq+djTlF/mkZ agu/jS7L7dFdSeionRRKTdc0jXfimoSE9QFj7tpxdh3VehSGRBBp7vTYQAp+Bc9s 5ghD5oektvRQslM/qLWu =McgN -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----