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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-08-02util: Drop inet_listen()Cao jin
2016-08-02util: drop unix_nonblocking_connect()Cao jin
2016-08-02util: drop inet_nonblocking_connect()Cao jin
2016-08-02fix qemu exit on memory hotplug when allocation fails at prealloc timeIgor Mammedov
2016-08-02util/qht: Document memory ordering assumptionsPaolo Bonzini
2016-07-17use g_path_get_dirname instead of dirnameWei Jiangang
2016-07-14target-arm: Use Neon for zero checkingVijay
2016-07-14Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/bonzini/tags/for-upstream' into stagingPeter Maydell
2016-07-13coroutine: move entry argument to qemu_coroutine_createPaolo Bonzini
2016-07-13coroutine: use QSIMPLEQ instead of QTAILQPaolo Bonzini
2016-07-13osdep: Introduce qemu_dupFam Zheng
2016-07-12qemu-sockets: use qapi_free_SocketAddress in cleanupMarc-André Lureau
2016-07-12Drop Emacs local variables lists redundant with .dir-locals.elMarkus Armbruster
2016-07-12Use #include "..." for our own headers, <...> for othersMarkus Armbruster
2016-07-06sockets: Use new QAPI cloningEric Blake
2016-07-06qapi: Add new visit_complete() functionEric Blake
2016-07-06qmp-output-visitor: Favor new visit_free() functionEric Blake
2016-07-06qmp-input-visitor: Favor new visit_free() functionEric Blake
2016-07-04log: Permit -dfilter 0..0xffffffffffffffffMarkus Armbruster
2016-07-04range: Replace internal representation of RangeMarkus Armbruster
2016-07-04range: Eliminate direct Range member accessMarkus Armbruster
2016-07-04log: Clean up misuse of Range for -dfilterMarkus Armbruster
2016-06-30qapi: Fix memleak in string visitors on int listsEric Blake
2016-06-30qapi: Simplify use of range.hEric Blake
2016-06-30range: Create range.c for code that should not be inlineEric Blake
2016-06-29Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/bonzini/tags/for-upstream' into stagingPeter Maydell
2016-06-29socket: unlink unix socket on removeMarc-André Lureau
2016-06-28Change net/socket.c to use socket_*() functionsAshijeet Acharya
2016-06-20Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/stefanha/tags/tracing-pull-request' int...Peter Maydell
2016-06-20trace: split out trace events for util/ directoryDaniel P. Berrange
2016-06-20log: Fix qemu_set_log_filename() error handlingMarkus Armbruster
2016-06-20log: Fix qemu_set_dfilter_ranges() error reportingMarkus Armbruster
2016-06-20log: Plug memory leak on multiple -dfilterMarkus Armbruster
2016-06-20coccinelle: Remove unnecessary variables for function return valueEduardo Habkost
2016-06-16avx2 configure: Use primitives in testDr. David Alan Gilbert
2016-06-16clean-includes: run it once morePaolo Bonzini
2016-06-16os-posix: include sys/mman.hPaolo Bonzini
2016-06-16hbitmap: add 'pos < size' assertsVladimir Sementsov-Ogievskiy
2016-06-11qht: QEMU's fast, resizable and scalable Hash TableEmilio G. Cota
2016-06-11qdist: add module to represent frequency distributions of dataEmilio G. Cota
2016-06-07Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/mjt/tags/pull-trivial-patches-2016-06-0...Peter Maydell
2016-06-07all: Remove unnecessary glib.h includesPeter Maydell
2016-06-07throttle: refuse iops-size without iops-total/read/writeStefan Hajnoczi
2016-05-26migration: add reporting of errors for outgoing migrationDaniel P. Berrange
2016-05-23osdep: Move default qemu_hw_version() value to a macroEduardo Habkost
2016-05-23exec.c: Ensure right alignment also for file backed ramDominik Dingel
2016-05-19qemu-common: stop including qemu/host-utils.h from qemu-common.hPaolo Bonzini
2016-05-19log: do not use CONFIG_USER_ONLYPaolo Bonzini
2016-05-18Fix some typos found by codespellStefan Weil
2016-05-18util: fix comment typosWei Jiangang