path: root/ui/vnc-enc-tight.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-06-02vnc-enc-tight: Fix divide-by-zero in tight_detect_smooth_image{16,24,32}Gonglei
2014-03-10vnc: Fix tight_detect_smooth_image() for lossless caseMarkus Armbruster
2013-03-18vnc: stop using DisplayStateGerd Hoffmann
2012-12-19misc: move include files to include/qemu/Paolo Bonzini
2012-12-19qapi: move include files to include/qobject/Paolo Bonzini
2012-12-14pixman: fix vnc tight png/jpeg supportGerd Hoffmann
2012-11-01pixman/vnc: remove dead code.Gerd Hoffmann
2012-11-01pixman/vnc: remove rgb_prepare_row* functionsGerd Hoffmann
2012-11-01pixman/vnc: use pixman images in vnc.Gerd Hoffmann
2011-08-20Use glib memory allocation and free functionsAnthony Liguori
2011-06-27vnc: Fix compilation with --enable-vnc-pngStefan Weil
2011-06-26Fix MinGW compilation when --enable-vnc-jpeg is specifiedRoy Tam
2011-04-10vnc: tight: Fix crash after 2GB of outputMichael Tokarev
2011-02-24ui/vnc-enc-tight.c: Fix compile failure if CONFIG_VNC_JPEG not definedPeter Maydell
2011-02-23vnc: add a non-adaptive optionCorentin Chary
2011-02-23vnc: tight: tweak adaptive tight settingsCorentin Chary
2011-02-23vnc: fix uint8_t comparisons with negative valuesCorentin Chary
2011-02-23vnc: tight: use the update frequency to choose between lossy and losslessCorentin Chary
2010-10-05Fix spelling in commentsStefan Weil
2010-09-04vnc: use bswapNN() rather than bswap_NN()Izumi Tsutsui
2010-09-04vnc: tight: remove unused variableSerge Ziryukin
2010-09-04size_t is unsigned, change to ssize_t to handle errors from tight_compress_da...Jes Sorensen
2010-07-31Initialize a variable in all casesBlue Swirl
2010-07-31Fix uint8_t comparison with negative valueBlue Swirl
2010-07-27Fix mingw32 buildBlue Swirl
2010-07-27Initialize a variable in all casesBlue Swirl
2010-07-27Fix uint8_t comparisons with negative valuesBlue Swirl
2010-07-26vnc: tight: split send_sub_rectCorentin Chary
2010-07-26vnc: tight: fix rgb_prepare_rowCorentin Chary
2010-07-26vnc: fix tight png memory leakCorentin Chary
2010-07-26vnc: encapsulate encoding membersCorentin Chary
2010-07-26vnc: tight: stop using qdict for palette stuffCorentin Chary
2010-07-26vnc: tight: specific zlib level and filters for each compression levelCorentin Chary
2010-07-26vnc: tight add PNG encodingCorentin Chary
2010-07-26vnc: tight: remove a memleak in send_jpeg_rect()Corentin Chary
2010-07-26vnc: tight: don't forget do at the last colorCorentin Chary
2010-07-26vnc: rename vnc-encoding-* vnc-enc-*Corentin Chary