path: root/trace/simple.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-02-04all: Clean up includesPeter Maydell
2016-02-03trace: split trace_init_file out of trace_init_backendsPaolo Bonzini
2015-11-30trace/simple: Fix warning and wrong trace file name for MinGWStefan Weil
2014-06-10glib-compat.h: add new thread API emulation on top of pre-2.31 APIMichael Tokarev
2014-06-09trace: Multi-backend tracingLluís Vilanova
2014-06-09trace: add pid field to simpletrace recordStefan Hajnoczi
2014-05-07trace: [simple] Bump up log version numberLluís Vilanova
2014-03-25osdep: initialize glib threads in all QEMU toolsStefan Hajnoczi
2014-01-27trace: add glib 2.32+ static GMutex supportStefan Hajnoczi
2014-01-27trace: [simple] Do not include "trace/simple.h" in generated tracer headersLluís Vilanova
2013-03-28trace: [simple] Port to generic event information and new control interfaceLluís Vilanova
2013-02-12trace: deal with deprecated glib thread functionsStefan Hajnoczi
2013-02-12trace: use glib atomic int typesStefan Hajnoczi
2013-02-05trace: Clean up the "try to update atomic until it worked" loopsMarkus Armbruster
2013-02-05trace: Direct access of atomics is verboten, use the APIMarkus Armbruster
2013-02-05trace: Fix simple trace dropped event record for big endianMarkus Armbruster
2012-12-19misc: move include files to include/qemu/Paolo Bonzini
2012-08-14trace/simple: Replace asprintf by g_strdup_printfStefan Weil
2012-08-14trace: avoid pointer aliasing in trace_record_finish()Harsh Prateek Bora
2012-08-14trace: drop unused TraceBufferRecord->next_tbuf_idx fieldHarsh Prateek Bora
2012-08-14trace: remove unnecessary write_to_buffer() typecastingHarsh Prateek Bora
2012-08-14trace: rename TraceRecordHeader to TraceLogHeaderHarsh Prateek Bora
2012-07-19Simpletrace v2: Support multiple arguments, strings.Harsh Prateek Bora
2012-07-19monitor: remove unused do_info_traceHarsh Prateek Bora
2012-06-08trace/simple.c: fix deprecated glib2 interfaceHarsh Prateek Bora
2012-03-12trace: make trace_thread_create() use its function argJun Koi
2011-12-20g_thread_init users: don't call it if glib >= 2.31Alon Levy
2011-11-01trace: Add wildcard trace event supportMark Wu
2011-09-21trace: use binary file open mode in simpletraceStefan Hajnoczi
2011-09-21trace: portable simple trace backend using glibStefan Hajnoczi
2011-09-01trace: add "-trace events" argument to control initial stateLluís
2011-09-01trace: separate trace event control and query routines from the simple backendLluís
2011-09-01trace: avoid conditional code compilation during option parsingLluís
2011-09-01trace: move backend-specific code into the trace/ directoryLluís