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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-10-14trace: move configuration from configure to MesonPaolo Bonzini
2021-10-14trace: simple: pass trace_file unmodified to config-host.hPaolo Bonzini
2021-10-05trace: Split guest_mem_beforeRichard Henderson
2021-10-05trace/mem: Pass MemOpIdx to trace_mem_get_infoRichard Henderson
2021-10-05meson: switch minimum meson version to 0.58.2, minimum recommended to 0.59.2Paolo Bonzini
2021-09-13meson: look up cp and dtrace with find_program()Paolo Bonzini
2021-07-21trace: Fold mem-internal.h into mem.hRichard Henderson
2021-07-12trace, lttng: require .pc filesPaolo Bonzini
2021-07-12trace/simple: add st_init_groupGerd Hoffmann
2021-07-12trace/simple: pass iter to st_write_event_mappingGerd Hoffmann
2021-07-12trace: add trace_event_iter_init_groupGerd Hoffmann
2021-07-12trace: iter init tweaksGerd Hoffmann
2021-03-06trace: fix "-trace file=..."Paolo Bonzini
2021-02-01trace: add meson custom_target() depend_files for tracetoolStefan Hajnoczi
2021-01-06Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/bonzini-gitlab/tags/for-upstream' into ...Peter Maydell
2021-01-04tracetool: add output filename command-line argumentStefan Hajnoczi
2021-01-04trace: Send "-d trace:help" output to stdoutDoug Evans
2021-01-02trace: do not include TCG helper tracepoints in no-TCG buildsPaolo Bonzini
2020-12-19qapi: Use QAPI_LIST_PREPEND() where possibleEric Blake
2020-11-19trace: use STAP_SDT_V2 to work around symbol visibilityStefan Hajnoczi
2020-11-11trace: remove argument from trace_init_filePaolo Bonzini
2020-10-26trace/simple: Enable tracing on startup only if the user specifies a trace op...Josh DuBois
2020-10-09monitor: Use getter/setter functions for cur_monKevin Wolf
2020-09-30meson: clean up build_by_defaultPaolo Bonzini
2020-09-01meson: use meson datadir instead of qemu_datadirMarc-André Lureau
2020-08-27meson: Don't make object files for dtrace on macOSRoman Bolshakov
2020-08-21meson: convert systemtap filesMarc-André Lureau
2020-08-21meson: convert trace/Marc-André Lureau
2020-08-21meson: add remaining generated tcg trace helpersMarc-André Lureau
2020-08-21libqemuutil, qapi, trace: convert to mesonPaolo Bonzini
2020-08-21trace: switch position of headers to what Meson requiresPaolo Bonzini
2020-07-29trace/simple: Allow enabling simple traces from command lineJosh DuBois
2020-06-24trace/simple: Fix unauthorized enableMarkus Armbruster
2020-02-25tracing: only allow -trace to override -D if setAlex Bennée
2020-01-30qemu_set_log_filename: filename argument may be NULLSalvador Fandino
2020-01-15trace: Remove trace_mem_build_info_no_se_[bl]eRichard Henderson
2019-12-19trace: replace hand-crafted pattern_glob with g_pattern_match_simpleAlex Bennée
2019-10-28trace: add mmu_index to mem_infoAlex Bennée
2019-10-28trace: expand mem_info:size_shift to 4 bitsEmilio G. Cota
2019-09-03tcg: TCGMemOp is now accelerator independent MemOpTony Nguyen
2019-08-27trace: Clarify DTrace/SystemTap help messagePhilippe Mathieu-Daudé
2019-08-21hw/core: Move cpu.c, cpu.h from qom/ to hw/core/Markus Armbruster
2019-08-16trace: Do not include qom/cpu.h into generated trace.hMarkus Armbruster
2019-06-12Include qemu-common.h exactly where neededMarkus Armbruster
2019-04-18trace: Simplify how st_print_trace_file_status() printsMarkus Armbruster
2019-03-22trace: handle tracefs path truncationStefan Hajnoczi
2019-03-11build: get rid of target-obj-yPaolo Bonzini
2018-12-12trace: simple style changesLarry Dewey
2018-07-19tracing: Use double-dash spelling for trace optionYaowei Bai
2018-06-29Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/berrange/tags/min-glib-pull-request' in...Peter Maydell