path: root/tests/qemu-iotests/060
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-11-19qemu-iotests: remove unused variable 'here'Mao Zhongyi
2018-06-30tests: iotests: drop some stderr linePeter Xu
2018-06-11iotests: Add case for a corrupted inactive imageMax Reitz
2018-01-23qcow2: Repair unaligned preallocated zero clustersMax Reitz
2017-11-21block: Close a BlockDriverState completely even when bs->drv is NULLAlberto Garcia
2017-11-17qcow2: Refuse to get unaligned offsets from cacheMax Reitz
2017-11-17qcow2: Add bounds check to get_refblock_offset()Max Reitz
2017-11-17block: Guard against NULL bs->drvMax Reitz
2017-11-17qcow2: Unaligned zero cluster in handle_alloc()Max Reitz
2017-11-17qcow2: check_errors are fatalMax Reitz
2017-11-14qcow2: Check that corrupted images can be repaired in iotest 060Alberto Garcia
2017-11-14qcow2: Add iotest for an empty refcount tableAlberto Garcia
2017-11-14qcow2: Add iotest for an image with header.refcount_table_offset == 0Alberto Garcia
2017-11-14qcow2: Don't open images with header.refcount_table_clusters == 0Alberto Garcia
2017-11-14qcow2: Prevent allocating compressed clusters at offset 0Alberto Garcia
2017-11-14qcow2: Prevent allocating L2 tables at offset 0Alberto Garcia
2017-11-14qcow2: Prevent allocating refcount blocks at offset 0Alberto Garcia
2016-04-15qemu-iotests: tests: do not set unused tmp variableSascha Silbe
2015-01-23iotests: Add tests for more corruption casesMax Reitz
2014-12-10qemu-iotests: 060: Filter the real disk sizeKevin Wolf
2014-10-04iotests: qemu-img info output for corrupt imageMax Reitz
2014-09-22iotests: Add more tests for qcow2 corruptionMax Reitz
2014-08-15iotests: Add test for image header overlapMax Reitz
2014-06-27iotests: Use $PYTHON for Python scriptsMax Reitz
2014-05-15Revert "iotests: Use configured python"Peter Maydell
2014-05-09iotests: Use configured pythonMax Reitz
2014-03-13iotests: Test corruption during COW requestMax Reitz
2014-02-09qemu-iotests: change _supported_proto to file for various testsPeter Lieven
2013-10-11qemu-iotests: Add test for inactive L2 overlapMax Reitz
2013-09-12qemu-iotests: Adjustments due to error propagationMax Reitz
2013-09-02qemu-iotests: Overlapping cluster allocationsMax Reitz