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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-04-21qapi-schema: test: add a unit test for parsing array alternatesPaolo Bonzini
2022-04-21qapi-schema: test: add a qapi-schema-test for array alternatesPaolo Bonzini
2022-04-21qapi-schema: support alternates with array typePaolo Bonzini
2021-11-08meson: drop sphinx_extn_dependsMarc-André Lureau
2021-11-08tests/qapi-schema/meson: add depfile to sphinx docMarc-André Lureau
2021-10-29qapi: New special feature flag "unstable"Markus Armbruster
2021-10-27qapi: Add feature flags to enum membersMarkus Armbruster
2021-10-05meson: switch minimum meson version to 0.58.2, minimum recommended to 0.59.2Paolo Bonzini
2021-10-02qapi/parser: remove FIXME comment from _append_body_lineJohn Snow
2021-10-02qapi: Add spaces after symbol declaration for consistencyJohn Snow
2021-10-02qapi/parser: fix unused check_args_section argumentsJohn Snow
2021-09-27tests/qapi-schema: Make test-qapi.py -u work when files are absentMarkus Armbruster
2021-09-27tests/qapi-schema: Use Python OSError instead of outmoded IOErrorMarkus Armbruster
2021-09-27tests/qapi-schema: Rename flat-union-* test cases to union-*Markus Armbruster
2021-09-27qapi: Drop simple unionsMarkus Armbruster
2021-09-27tests/qapi-schema: Purge simple unions from testsMarkus Armbruster
2021-09-27tests/qapi-schema: Drop simple union __org.qemu_x-Union1Markus Armbruster
2021-09-27tests/qapi-schema: Rewrite simple union TestIfUnion to be flatMarkus Armbruster
2021-09-27tests/qapi-schema: Simple union UserDefListUnion is now unused, dropMarkus Armbruster
2021-09-27tests/qapi-schema: Wean off UserDefListUnionMarkus Armbruster
2021-09-27tests/qapi-schema: Prepare for simple union UserDefListUnion removalMarkus Armbruster
2021-09-25qapi: Stop enforcing "type name should not end in 'Kind'Markus Armbruster
2021-09-25qapi: Tidy up unusual line breaksMarkus Armbruster
2021-09-08qapi: Fix bogus error for 'if': { 'not': '' }Markus Armbruster
2021-09-08tests/qapi-schema: Cover 'not' condition with empty argumentMarkus Armbruster
2021-09-03qapi: Tweak error messages for unknown / conflicting 'if' keysMarkus Armbruster
2021-09-03qapi: Tweak error messages for missing / conflicting meta-typeMarkus Armbruster
2021-09-03tests/qapi-schema: Hide OrderedDict in test outputMarkus Armbruster
2021-09-03qapi: Use "not COND" instead of "!COND" for generated documentationMarkus Armbruster
2021-09-03qapi: Avoid redundant parens in code generated for conditionalsMarkus Armbruster
2021-09-03qapi: Fix C code generation for 'if'Markus Armbruster
2021-09-03tests/qapi-schema: Demonstrate broken C code for 'if'Markus Armbruster
2021-09-03tests/qapi-schema: Correct two 'if' conditionalsMarkus Armbruster
2021-08-26qapi: make 'if' condition strings simple identifiersMarc-André Lureau
2021-08-26qapi: add 'not' condition operationMarc-André Lureau
2021-08-26qapi: add 'any' conditionMarc-André Lureau
2021-08-26qapi: replace if condition list with dict {'all': [...]}Marc-André Lureau
2021-08-26qapi: add QAPISchemaIfCond.is_present()Marc-André Lureau
2021-08-26qapi: wrap Sequence[str] in an objectMarc-André Lureau
2021-08-26qapi: Fix crash on redefinition with a different conditionMarkus Armbruster
2021-07-15qapi: Fix crash on missing enum member nameMarkus Armbruster
2021-06-02docs: fix references to docs/devel/build-system.rstStefano Garzarella
2021-05-20qapi/parser: Fix token membership tests when token can be NoneJohn Snow
2021-05-20qapi/parser: enforce all top-level expressions must be dict in _parse()John Snow
2021-05-20qapi: Add test for nonexistent schema fileJohn Snow
2021-05-20qapi/parser: Don't try to handle file errorsJohn Snow
2021-04-30qapi/expr.py: Check type of union and alternate 'data' memberJohn Snow
2021-03-23qapi: Enforce union and alternate branch naming rulesMarkus Armbruster
2021-03-23qapi: Enforce enum member naming rulesMarkus Armbruster
2021-03-23qapi: Enforce struct member naming rulesMarkus Armbruster