path: root/tests/.gitignore
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-10-13Remove superfluous .gitignore filesThomas Huth
2020-03-17tests/tcg/aarch64: add a gdbstub testcase for SVE registersAlex Bennée
2020-01-14qapi: Generate command registration stuff into separate filesMarkus Armbruster
2019-03-14tests/.gitignore: ignore test-qapi-emit-events.[ch] for in-tree buildsStefano Garzarella
2019-03-05qapi: Fix code generation for sub-modules in other directoriesMarkus Armbruster
2019-02-26tests: Ignore fp test outputsEric Blake
2018-07-24tests/.gitignore: don't ignore docker testsAlex Bennée
2018-06-21tests: Simplify .gitignoreEric Blake
2018-06-01tests/.gitignore: add entry for generated fileRoss Zwisler
2018-03-13sockets: move fd_is_socket() into common sockets codeDaniel P. Berrange
2018-03-02qapi: Move qapi-schema.json to qapi/, rename generated filesMarkus Armbruster
2018-03-02qapi: Rename generated qmp-marshal.c to qmp-commands.cMarkus Armbruster
2018-01-23tests/.gitignore: Add test-bdrv-drainKevin Wolf
2017-11-17tests: Add check-qobject for equality testsMax Reitz
2017-10-16gitignore: ignore check-qlit testCarlo Marcelo Arenas Belón
2017-09-22gitignore: Ignore vm test imagesFam Zheng
2017-07-19tests: crypto: add hmac speed benchmark supportLongpeng(Mike)
2017-07-19tests: crypto: add hash speed benchmark supportLongpeng(Mike)
2017-07-19tests: crypto: add cipher speed benchmark supportLongpeng(Mike)
2017-06-20qapi: merge QInt and QFloat in QNumMarc-André Lureau
2017-05-10tests: Ignore another built executable (test-hmp)Eric Blake
2017-05-07tests: Ignore more test executablesEric Blake
2017-03-07test-qapi-util: New, covering qapi/qapi-util.cMarkus Armbruster
2017-03-07keyval: New keyval_parse()Markus Armbruster
2017-01-31host-utils: Implement unsigned quadword left/right shift and unit testsJose Ricardo Ziviani
2017-01-10tests: New test-bitcntAlex Bennée
2016-12-06tests/.gitignore: Ignore test-charChanglong Xie
2016-10-28aio: convert from RFifoLock to QemuRecMutexPaolo Bonzini
2016-10-26tests: add atomic_add-benchEmilio G. Cota
2016-10-25qapi: rename *qmp-*-visitor* to *qobject-*-visitor*Daniel P. Berrange
2016-10-08tests: Ignore test executablesEric Blake
2016-09-27tests: Add test code for CPUID level/xlevel handlingEduardo Habkost
2016-09-23tests: Ignore test-uuidFam Zheng
2016-09-13tests: add unit test case for replicationChanglong Xie
2016-07-06qapi: Add new clone visitorEric Blake
2016-06-11qht: add test-qht-par to invoke qht-bench from 'check' targetEmilio G. Cota
2016-06-11qht: add qht-bench, a performance benchmarkEmilio G. Cota
2016-06-11qht: add test programEmilio G. Cota
2016-06-11qdist: add test programEmilio G. Cota
2016-05-12tests: Add check-qnullEric Blake
2016-04-08tests: ignore test-loggingChanglong Xie
2016-03-30tests/test-filter-redirector: Add unit test for filter-redirectorZhang Chen
2016-03-30tests/test-filter-mirror:add filter-mirror unit testZhang Chen
2016-03-17crypto: add block encryption frameworkDaniel P. Berrange
2016-03-17crypto: import an implementation of the XTS cipher modeDaniel P. Berrange
2016-03-17crypto: add support for anti-forensic split algorithmDaniel P. Berrange
2016-03-17crypto: add support for generating initialization vectorsDaniel P. Berrange
2016-03-17crypto: add support for PBKDF2 algorithmDaniel P. Berrange
2015-12-18crypto: add QCryptoSecret object class for password/key handlingDaniel P. Berrange
2015-12-18util: add base64 decoding functionDaniel P. Berrange